Comprehensive guide of electrical courses in Perth for 2021

Becoming an electrician is a goal for many individuals who love to play with power. But it is not easy to make a career in absence of any professional knowledge.

In Perth, you can be a successful electrician to skyrocket your career for a better future through many electrical courses and training in Perth. Companies need to fulfil the demands of developing industries in Australia. So, there is a huge demand for qualified electricians to join workforces.

There are so many fields you can choose to start learning. Some of those are – repairing of electrical networks, system testing, identification, assembling, and maintenance, etc. Thus, you can choose your career path as per your interests.

Scope of becoming an electrician in Australia

Australia is among the most developed and advanced countries across the globe. Businesses want sound basic structure and proper maintenance to sustain socially, as well as, legally. As per a study, becoming an electrician in Australia results in earning much more money. Electrical professionals are resting on the second position in the top five highest-paid trades 2019.

They are having options to choose to work for with a high reputation in the market. It includes working in designing, manufacturing, development, repairs and maintenance.

Despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic, jobs in this sector are one of the few which kept growing without much effect. So if you are worried about the upcoming conditions of this career, you can rest assured for a long time.

Training and qualifications for electrical engineering

In all the fields of career, you need professional training to understand basic know-hows and working. For the field of electricals too, you need to study and get some qualifications to prepare your future.

Great training makes greater trainees, so consider opting for the best electrician training college. You can select from various institutions offering imminent courses to become best electrician in Perth.

Some of the popular courses are –

1. Electrical courses

Most popular courses in electrical courses are Advanced Diploma Of Engineering Technology – Electrical, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)–Basic, and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Technology–Advanced. These courses centre on enhancing trainee’s ability to design and establish electrical systems.

2. EEHA courses

EEHA stands for Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas, These courses focus on training students to operate electricals in hazardous areas. These courses include Certificate IV In Hazardous Areas – Electrical, Hazardous Areas Installation + Maintenance + Inspection Competency, Hazardous Areas Design And Planning, Hazardous Areas Classification And Design, and HA Compliance And Verification Dossier Training.

3. Electrical instrumentation courses

Electrical Instrumentation Courses are for students who want to spend their PLC, HMI and Process Instrumentation abilities to enter Oil and Gas Industry. Popular certifications in this segment are Certificate III In Instrumentation And Control, Certificate IV I n Electrical Instrumentation, Diploma Of Electrical And Instrumentation, and many more you can check out.

4. Renewable energy courses

As to create a better public image and get benefitted from government, industries are leaning towards renewable sources of energy. So the demand for skilled professionals in this area of technology also rises. Two of the most popular qualifications in this segment are Solar Grid Connect PV Design + Install and Battery Storage For Grid-Connected PV Systems (Design & Install).

5. Funded courses

There are also some funded courses from WA funding and CTF rebates to make your finances lighter. Those consists of Certificate IV In Electrical Instrumentation, Certificate IV In Hazardous Areas, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)–Basic, Solar Grid Connect PV Design + Install, and Battery Storage For Grid-Connected PV Systems (Design & Install).proper research

We have discussed some of the popular ones here, there are more other courses in electrical engineering you might be interested in.

Skills required and remuneration of electricians

“Schooling doesn’t assure employment but skill does.” That’s why it is important to sharpen as many skills in electrical engineering as you can.

Following are some skills employers look into candidates before hiring them –

  • Electrical licence
  • Fault finding
  • Working at heights
  • Construction Induction White Card
  • Work Safety At Heights Ticket
  • EWP Licence

The average salary of an Electrician in Australia is $65000-$70000, but it also includes low-level workers. Higher positions like Maintenance Supervisor or Controls Technician might go up to $95000-$110,000.

Benefits of pursuing electrical courses

These courses and certifications are essential for shaping a reputed career in electricals. Following are the benefits you will get for opting Electrical Courses in Perth.

  1. Basic knowledge of how to do things and perfecting the basics of any electrical field.
  2. Get certifications to prove your excellence in the industry.
  3. Combine all the knowledge of the field in one place.
  4. Thorough knowledge of topics in a systematic, managed, and easy to grasp method.
  5. Easy to find work opportunities through sheer education and matching required qualifications.

Final words

The electrical engineering industry is creating one of the best occupations in Australia right now. Making a career in the Electrical industry will be beneficial for current students due to its high demand for human resource and qualified professionals.

Want to get benefitted by this career opportunity? Get yourself certified with the courses discussed above and enjoy working for big industry firms as an electrical engineer.

Steven Jonas
Steven Jonas
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