Best websites to hook you up with some (cheap) weekend fun

Entertaining yourself on the weekend can become tedious and drain the budget. Concerts, meals and tickets to events can cost exorbitant amounts, but there are websites that have special promotions where consumers can purchase discounted tickets and enjoy a wide variety of events.


Meetup is a geographically based event search engine, where a whole series of different events hosted by different groups (including businesses) offer a range of events.

These events can include networking events, hobby events, technology discussions, spirituality meetings, drum circles, dancing lessons and social events. Some are clubs that require payment, others are free or donations based, and promote ad hoc attendance.


Scoopon is a website that offers a huge amount of discounts in Sydney and in other places. Events that would normally be full price can be found for half price or even greater discounts.

A range of different events can be found, and it includes anything from whale watching tickets, buffets, meals and show tickets to games of golf, snow tours, movie tickets, food expo tickets, tourism type events, adventure activities and many other events. Some of the events are once off, others are offered from time to time.

The benefit of having a range of different events that occur and deals that change is that if a person is prepared to wait for their desired type of event or activity to come on sale, by subscribing to the alerts offered on the website hey will be notified and be able to book for a discount and save a significant amount of money in the process.

Living Social

Living Social is another website that offers a number of different events, but with more of a focus on lifestyle type events and health promotion discounts.

A lot of retreat type activities are offered on living social, including items such as swimming lessons, exercise classes, day spas and art and hobby classes. It tends to offer a more alternative or creative type lifestyle audience rather than a more adventure based event selection.

Travel deals and health promotion events and tests are also frequently offered on Living Social and this would suit a health conscious audience who live a quieter, calmer lifestyle instead of a night life type lifestyle. It has a number of relaxation focused activities rather than high adrenaline type features.

NRMA Membership Discounts for Events

The NRMA offers a number of discounts for events, these are included as part of roadside assistance membership. There is not a huge selection of events on offer as part of the NRMA event search engine, but they are discounts that are exclusively accessible to members.

What’s On – Sydney

A general website promoting Sydney as a destination includes a search engine for events currently on offer. Deals for a number of different events, not just discount coupons are on offer. These include tickets to musicals and cultural festivals, and larger scale events.

Carriage Works

Artistic and cultural events are scheduled regularly throughout the year in Sydney, and listed on the Carriage Works website. The Carriage Works is an old multisite cultural centre, similar to the Power House in Brisbane.

Regular cultural and artistic events are hosted there as Sydney’s cultural epicentre, and events range in price. Occasionally deals are offered there on various events.

Sydney Council Events

Sydney is an incredible culturally rich centre, and the city council website hosts a major number of event promotions varying in prices on their website. These include scheduled events such as the Sydney Fringe Festival, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and the Sydney Science Festival.

The advantage of looking on the website is that events are categorised under the theme of the event, and who they would appeal to. Categories such as hipster events, foodie events and other curated events ensure that all people who reside in or visit Sydney can find enjoyable events (and often good deals and discounts) to attend.

A number of websites that list events in Sydney have been listed here and but this is not exhaustive. There are many more events, but these are several of the most popular sites and reliable ways to find events to attend.

When you are looking for something to do, and to entertain yourself, family or friends, have a look at the vast amount of offerings in the beautiful city of Sydney.

Rosemary Mathew
Rosemary Mathew
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