The 3 best career paths for students in western Australia today

In Western Australia (WA), the economy has recently been underperforming that of the rest of the nation. A prime indicator of this may be found in the state’s higher-than-average unemployment rate, which at 6.1% is the second-worst in the nation. For young people in the region, this presents a challenge, as they face what appears to be a binary choice: move away from the area, or face an uphill climb to build a career.

In reality, however, the students of today in WA have plenty of career opportunities if they recognize them early and plan their education accordingly. That’s because there are a few industries in WA that are still seeing excellent growth and are expected to continue to do so for some time. Choosing a career in one of these high-performing industries offers students a career path with room for growth without the need to relocate. To help them do just that, here are three excellent career paths for WA students and how to prepare for them.

Healthcare and social services

In WA, as is the case elsewhere in Australia, there’s been major growth in demand for healthcare and social services in recent years. Most of that is due to the region’s ageing population, which is on an upward trend that will continue for some time to come. That shift is also one of the key drivers behind a government plan to reshape much of the existing healthcare sector, which will necessarily include the expansion of services throughout the territory.

For students, that means choosing a career in the healthcare field will all but guarantee them plenty of job opportunities within WA, with years of certain growth ahead. Best of all, there is already a multitude of TAFE courses in WA available to those looking to build a career in healthcare, covering everything from aged care and disability services to dental care and nursing.

Blockchain development and programming

Although cities like Sydney tend to get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to Australia’s rising technology industries, they don’t have the market cornered just yet. In fact, WA is home to a growing number of tech startups that are cementing the region as yet another of Australia’s technology incubators. For students, this translates into careers in things like blockchain development and other programming fields, which are the skills needed to fuel the fledgeling tech scene in the region.

For those worried that it’s a trend that won’t have staying power, consider the recent investments by government and private industry into a new lithium battery research centre in the area, which is certain to attract even more technology businesses to the region in the next few years. To get started, students can earn an Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain or take any of the myriad programming courses available through accredited universities throughout the country.

Education and Training

Considering the fact that WA’s economy is seeing the most growth in the kinds of industries that rely on specialized skills and knowledge, it should come as no surprise that the education and training industry in the region is experiencing growing demand as well. That demand is almost universal – spread between brick-and-mortar universities, online training providers, and vocational training centres.

That means today’s students can build a career in the education and training industry and will have their pick of jobs in one of the most varied career fields imaginable. Interested students can pursue teaching certifications, and work their way up to a Master of Education degree – all while already working in the field. With plans already in the works to attract 100,000 new international students to WA by 2025, it’s also fair to say that the growth seen so far is just a prelude of what’s to come, so anyone moving into the education and training industry today will be well positioned for long term success.

Opportunities abound

With the current growth in the fields mentioned above, as well as the outlook for their continued prosperity throughout WA in the coming years, today’s students in the region have no shortage of career choices with excellent future prospects. The industries mentioned here also represent a wide range of disciplines, meaning that there’s something for everyone within the new and growing WA economy.

Far from the feast or famine storyline that has come to dominate the economic conversation about WA in many circles, these represent the core of a new economy filled with promise for today’s students – and one that they can use to their advantage with just a little forethought and hard work.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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