Camila Cabello goes all Robin Hood during her Kensington Palace visit

It’s a pencil.

Camilla Cabello has been caught red-handed by the royal family. A month ago, Camila Cabello went to Kensington Palace along with a group of teen heroes that met with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the Teen Hero Awards. The singer was there with BBC 1 radio host Greg James and admitted that she took a pencil during her interview with James and apologized.

BBC Radio 1 tweeted a clip of the Cabello-James interview where the singer explained what went down during their Kensington visit where she stated that the BBC host triple doggy dared her to take the pencil and she did even after the host told on her. The Kensington Palace official Twitter page hilariously responded with an eye emoji.

There haven’t been any light-hearted situations surrounding the royal family but the Duchess of Cambridge a bit of her sense of humor regarding the situation. Middleton went to Twitter to respond following Cabello’s confession that she took home a pencil from Kensington Palace.

The BBC radio host tweeted at the pop star saying “Last time I saw you we were at the Palace“, with Cabello asking the James not to tell anyone what she and her mother did as a reply, with James replying back that he has not told anyone about the hilarious fiasco promising that he kept it a secret before their radio interview.

Despite having a seemingly lighthearted exchange on Twitter regarding Cabello, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a little bit of dismay with the BBC radio host.

A week ago, James shared a story on the air of how he was summoned to Kensington by the royal couple and was lectured regarding how he made fun of Princess Charlotte’s first day in school. According to the radio host, Prince William and Middleton were both unhappy about how he teased their daughter for being formally polite and shook hands with the teacher in her school.

James said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were apparently listening to the program the day their daughter went to school. James added by saying that he said that when he saw the photo he was amazed by how overly polite the princess was and questioned who shakes hands with the teacher on their first day of school.

After saying these things on air, he was summoned to Kensington Palace a week later and talked to him about the remarks he made on air.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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