Ways to best protect your cake from potential disaster

Regardless of whether you are a cake maker extraordinaire, or just like to whip up the odd birthday cake for members of your family, baking and decorating a yummy creation can be time consuming.

There is choosing the right ingredients, icing, shaping and carefully placing the finishing touches. This can sometimes take hours and hours. You don’t want to go to all that effort, only to have your hard work ruined because you didn’t have a proper cake board to put it on.

What is a cake board?

This is a flat, strong surface which has been designed specifically to put a cake on, and is available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Your cake is placed on this prior to decorating and is not removed until it is time to hand out slices to your guests.

They can be reusable or disposable and there is a rainbow of colours available, with silver being the most popular option. Additionally, they can be made from different lightweight materials depending on your needs.

Cake boards are the best form of protection for your cakes for a few reasons:

Transportation of your cake will be safer

If you have ever had to juggle a cake from one destination to another, you will know how stressful this can be! Every bump in the car can feel precarious, while carrying it into a venue can cause it to wobble and maybe even make it end up misshapen.

A quality cake board is going to be easy to grip, and light enough to not add too much extra weight for you to carry. If your cake requires transportation, this could be what gets it there safely.

There is no moving your cake from one surface to another

When you first pull your cake out of the oven and allow it to cool, it can be placed onto the board and left there. You can add extra layers and icing without the fear of having to move it from one surface to another.

The board can be decorated to match the theme of your cake; you can even do this with fondant. The end result is going to be more professional and the board won’t stand out and ruin the look of your cake.

When the cake is cut, it will maintain its shape

When your cake is placed on a sturdy, flat board it is going to make for easier cutting. As long as you use the right knife and server, you will be able to slide pieces smoothly off the cake board and onto a plate.

This will make your cake look more appealing to eat, and showcase any interesting touches such as coloured fillings which are only visible once cut.

It can fit neatly inside a cake box

Packaging your cake inside a dedicated cake box not only keeps it fresh but makes it look like it came straight from a bakery. Impress your friends and bring a neatly packaged, delicious homemade creation to the next big event.

If you are choosing this option, try to find a cake board and box which is only slightly bigger than your cake. Cake boxes can vary in shape and size, but square or rectangular designs are most common. This doesn’t mean your cake and board can’t be round; as long as they fit neatly inside the box you will succeed.

When choosing a cake box, find something which is strong. If you are cake making on a regular basis you can buy them in bulk. You may even want to find a design with a clear window on top for easy viewing.

It is designed specifically for this purpose

Placing your cake onto a plate or chopping board may feel like the convenient option, but it will never fit “just right”. A plate is uneven and a chopping board can be heavy and difficult to carry.

These types of boards, which have been specifically designed for cakes, are the safest way to get your cake where it needs to go. If you want to protect your delicious cake from disaster, use a cake board and take the hassle out of cake decorating.

If you would like to put your cake in the refrigerator, it is recommended that you cover your board in aluminium foil first to keep the bottom of your cake tasting fresh.

You can add to the design of your cake while offering it protection, and the boards are relatively inexpensive. Placing your creation on the right base is going to make all the difference!

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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