Business future will stand with 5G technology

Everybody is discussing 5G and it’s not in any manner amazing for them. According to the reports issued by specialists, 22 million new occupations will be created and contribute a $12.3 Trillion monetary advantage all through the world by 2035.

5G is the fifth era of mobile networks that guarantees super speed and lower idleness. Aside from its top of the line execution benefits, it is additionally set to feature industry 4.0 where everything is connected, handled, and digitized.

5G landing is far off, yet it will affect worldwide businesses. It will upgrade remote working knowledge and collaboration. When we talk about IT industry, over half of staff works remotely for at least 2.5 days a week. This offers business agility, enhanced scheduling, and lower staff turnover. This can create a chaos and make connecting, sharing, and engaging harder for the teams.

5G system related tasks, including on the online sales and sharing heavy documents in the cloud will be quicker and progressively effective. Businesses can even expect data sharing on their mobile phones without even connecting to wi-fi. 5G will bid adieu to slow internet connection.

Besides connecting public, 5G will connect things and expanding the apps and features of IoT. Moreover, 5G will allow device-to-device communications for up to 1 million devices/km2. The network will share more opportunities for IoT innovation and commercial application, such as drones, AI cars, robotics, remote-controlled machines, etc.

Why mobile operators are racing for 5G?

Many mobile operators and giants have invested in 5G technology heavily because it matters! The South Korea, USA, China, and Japan see huge profit from winning the race for the wireless future. 5G is just more than the faster movie download times and video streaming without wi-fi. There are dual benefits 5G brings to businesses and consumers-

  1. 5G wireless speeds will create competition to ISPs that offer high-speed broadband internet service to commercial and residential areas. Once an area has approved for 5G speeds, these locations will be able to access the service at same level wirelessly.
  2. 5G is crucial technology as it will allow great advancements to maximum cutting-edge innovations.

If you ask what will be the speed offered by 5G network, let’s take the help of this example-

A 2 hour movie takes 6 minutes to download on 4G network, and 26 hours on 3G network. It is expected that the same movie will only take 3.6 seconds to download on 5G network.

What companies will provide 5G services?

The same mobile operators that power your smartphone today will be the ones bringing 5G technology to you. The major US based network carriers, Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon Wireless, all of them are spending a lot on their 5G networks.

Telecommunication equipment providers are supporting the efforts of the operators. Qualcomm and Intel are leading the market with 5G modems, while Nokia and Ericsson are arranging tower and backhaul gear that will be used within the US.

Smartphone companies are getting ready and preparing their gadgets for 5G technology. There is news that LG may release the first 5G-enabled smartphone early 2020, and Motorola has made a 5G modem that can be easily attached to its modular Moto Z3 smartphone.

Currently 5G is under testing and may release in some markets by the end of this year. Major features that 5G will bring for users-

  • Faster speeds
  • Lower latency
  • Greater capacity
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced battery life

All these features could bring numerous benefits for every size of business. The key benefit of 5G for business is that it will enable quick and efficient operation and bring more revenue and save costs. With network slicing, businesses will be able to own their own private 5G network, which is set up as per their commercial needs. The software-based network environment will lower the costs for mobile operators. Those savings will be passed onto business clients.

5G will transform the healthcare industry by offering new business opportunities for several types of businesses, such as app developers, wearable device manufacturers, insurance companies, etc. The technology will also create smart factories for manufacturing industry that will make processes more efficient and cut costs. The technology is expected to support self-driving cars and will make smart traffic lights more intelligent to prevent waiting in traffic. Retail businesses will get benefit from connected smart parking allocation systems that will bring more potential customers into urban locations.

Lots of expectations are held by 5G technology. Although, it won’t benefit large to small businesses in just overnight, yet Enterprise mobility solutions expect the 5G introduction to strengthen the industry 4.0, in which everything is connected, processed, and digitized.

Rosina De Palma
Rosina De Palma
Business Development Executive and Professional Writter.
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