Black Panther gaining early traction set to be defining cinematic moment

Marvel Studio’s and Disney’s new film, Black Panther, is gaining some serious energy before its even hit cinemas.

There hasn’t even been any full length reviews released yet but the latest Marvel film has been getting some encouraging attention across social media.

Full length reviews of the Black Panther aren’t allowed to be released until February 6, but there has been no stopping the reactions being shared on social media. The LA premiere of the film occurred on Monday night and the initial responses have been mind-blowing.

what makes these responses even more special, is the history of Marvel films at the cinema typically receiving mixed reviews due to their cinematic experience. These comments go beyond the cinematic element and comment on the story line and casting.

Jen Yamato, who writes for the Los Angeles Times was one of the first to comment, posting on Twitter, the Black Panther “is incredible, kinetic, purposeful” before continuing to say that it gave meaning to representation and identity.

Deputy editor of the Grio, Natasha Alford, pointed towards the long overdue symbols of the diversity of representation needed in superheroes that came in the form of Wakandan women played by Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright and Danai Gurira.

She also commented saying that it was “dope on so many levels”.

On a similar note, Rebecca Theodore-Vachon of Entertainment Weekly said that the film has “changed the game”.

There have been calls by many who work in the industry to say that superhero movies will eventually die out as they aged beyond their time. However, Black Panther is rivalling these calls in, at least, a cultural manner and can be placed in a similar boat the “Wonder Woman” that aired last year.

Wonder Woman is the highest grossing film of all time that has been solo directed by a woman amassing US$821.8 worldwide.

Presales for the ‘Black Panther’ film have outpaced every other Marvel film in the first 24 hours which includes ‘Captain America: Civil War’ which went on to gross US$1.15 billion.

No film has ever reached the billion dollar mark at the world wide box office when it has held a predominantly black cast.

Given the significant hype that is already surrounding the film, it should enjoy some long sustained success at the box office.  With ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ hitting cinemas in May, Marvel may well reach US$2 billion at the box office by mid-year.

Black Panther launches in Australian Cinemas on February 15 and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ hits cinemas April 25.


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