Billie Eilish roasted mercilessly online for not knowing who Van Halen is

Billie Eilish has been facing a tremendous amount of heat from Twitter.

When the seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel and Eilish ‘talked shop’ regarding pop culture which had a comical disconnect between the 52-year-old host and the 17-year-old pop star.

The young pop star admitted that she knew some of the music icons during the eighties like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper but admitted that she is not quite familiar with other famous musicians that Kimmel brought up from that time period.

Things were fine until one thing came up that had netizens fuming and started to troll the young pop star. When Kimmel mentioned Van Halen, Eilish responded with ‘who?’ which led to the late-night talk show host responding with ‘I’m gonna start crying’.

It was also apparent that the seventeen-year-old was flustered by the game they were playing in the interview, stating that Kimmel was making her look ‘dumb’, with Kimmel responding with:

If you asked me about 1943, I probably won’t know the answers either.

The online onslaught that the Kimmel interview birthed was due to Van Halen being one of the most popular hard rock bands from the 70s and a current musician not knowing who they are. Kimmel tried to justify Eilish’s innocence about not knowing who Van Halen was but the internet, as they always do run with the narrative that they wanted.

A lot of Twitter users started roasting the singer, saying things like:

The difference between musicians then and now, where people could actually perform and play with instruments and actually sing without the help of an entire production team an writers like Eilish.

A lot of people have trashed the pop star ever since the interview, but there are also a lot of netizens that have come to Eilish’s defense like a fan tweeting sarcastically about making fun of a seventeen-year-old Grammy nominee and AMA award winner. Another fan said that she was already thirty years old and does not know who Van Halen is, followed by tons and tons and tons of ‘Ok boomer’ tweets.

Kimmel wasn’t safe from the online barrage though, with another Twitter using blasting him asking why an older man is attempting to ‘make a young girl look dumb’.

Things got so heated and out of hand on Twitter with both sides warring against each other than Van Halen was trending for a good while.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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