Best wedding rings in Brisbane for your partner

Looking to get hitched with your significant other?

So you and your partner have been considering taking your relationship to the next level lately and you have been thinking, “I have to put a ring on that!” But let me guess, you do not know where to start. At Kavalri, we have the best wedding rings in Brisbane to offer. What your choice in engagement jewelry says a lot about how you view your mister or missus.

Here are a few ideas for pretty wedding rings in Brisbane that we have in stock and what it says about your partner.

Kaiya Diamond

What it says about your partner: classic and timeless.

For those who love a wedding ring that is simple but has a twinkle in its eye, the Kaiya Diamond is for you. This is a jewel to snatch if your woman is traditional and loves to keep things simple. The Kaiya Diamond is one that says, “I am glamorous but not a show-off.” This is one of our best wedding rings in Brisbane offered in our engagement selection.

Cleo Women’s Diamond

What it says about your partner: bold and daring.

For those looking for an engagement band with a little more spice, we have our Cleo Women’s Diamond. Its stunning arrangement of diamonds is organised in a chevron shape that is absolutely breathtaking. This wedding ring says that your significant other is one who is not afraid of a challenge and will never take no for an answer. Your partner is one who is a risktaker and puts all the chips in at a poker game.

Milena Women’s Diamond

What it says about your partner: sophisticated.

This a woman who is cosmopolitan and loves the finer things in life. This marriage token sparkles brightly, blinding anyone in its vicinity. Your woman is an elegant individual and has an air that speaks volumes. This diamond wedding ring has options in white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum and you can customise it to suit her needs.

Amethyst Bezel Set

What it says about your partner: boatloads of fun

Is your girl one who is the life of the party and has a fun personality no matter the occasion? The Amethyst Bezel Set will catch her eye. The engagement band includes eight gemstones arranged in a sparse manner. This wedding ring will bedazzle your woman like no other.

Peridot Bezel Set

What it says about your partner: down to earth

This stunner is perfect for a partner who is a go with the flow type. She is not afraid to wear joggers in public and does not go ham with her makeup. Its light green gemstone is bright making it the perfect wedding ring in Brisbane.

Rosette Diamond

What it says about your partner: one of a kind

The floral design of the gemstones says your girl is a unique flower. The sparkle definitely will catch the eye of onlookers wanting to get a peek at your wedding ring. The girl this was made for stands out from the crowd and doesn’t like to follow tradition. She marches to the rhythm of her own drum.

Round Black Sapphire Women’s Gemstone

What it says about your partner: stylish and independent

Is your girl always on top of fashion trends and in fact the trendsetter? This wedding ring is perfect for a woman who does her own thing.

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