3 Best social media moderation tools

Social media platforms are no longer only used for communicating with friends. Instead, social media platforms are transformed a lot more into social commerce platforms for digital marketers. These days use of social media is for advertising the business and commercial enterprises. 

Users also use social media channels for sharing any testimonial or content in the form of text, image, or video. You must be thinking that what are social media moderation tools or what social media moderation? In simple words, social media moderation is the process of governing, supervising, and restraining the user generated content which  your users share on the social media platforms.

What are social media moderation tools?

The social media moderation tools are the tools that help you in managing or modifying the user-generated content on social media channels by complying with all the rules and maintaining the standards of the procedure. People can post anything nasty or abusive for your brand social media moderation tools that enable you to restrict those improper words or phrases from your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, or on any other digital platforms.

Social media moderation tools are designed and used so that inappropriate comments or the filthy user-generated content can be avoided. After collecting and curating all the user-generated content from all the social media platforms, the tool filters out all the inappropriate content. After the filtration, you can embed and use that user-generated content for displaying as your social event wall, widget, signage, or for any other digital platforms.

Why your brand need social media moderation tools

Social media moderation is one of the most important features which every brand should use. If you want to grow on social media channels, improve the quality of your services, and want to build a strong and positive image of your brand, then this tool is a must for you. It serves various advantages when it comes to monitoring and managing the curated user-generated content. Some of the advantages of using social media moderation tool include:

  1. You have control over the content which will be displayed on your website, event wall, signage, etc.
  2. All your social media platforms can be handled and managed by a single platform.
  3. The content gets refreshed after the interval of 30minutes. 
  4. You can re-post the content to boost its visibility.
  5. Inhibit the posting of the replicated posts or any user-generated content. 
  6. You can create your own list of the inappropriate words, then those posts or words won’t show up in your curated feed. 

Social media moderation tools offer you an option of automated moderation and manual moderation. You can opt for any one of them to optimize the live feed of your brand.

3 Best social media moderation tools

To maintain social media platforms well is quite important for your brand and its reputation. Manage and maintain the image of your brand persistently by social media moderation tools. Here in this article, we will explore 5 best social media moderator tools, which can help you in optimizing the user-generated content of your brand. These are:

1. Taggbox

Taggbox - social media tools
Taggbox is one of the best social media aggregators and moderation tools, and it performs impeccably when it comes to the filtration of inappropriate or abusive words from social media feeds. Brands like Pepsi, Nestle, Cadbury, Loreal, etc., choose Taggbox all because of its amazing features like content moderation, profile moderation, social media moderation, and the profanity filter. It can be used for optimizing and acquiring the well-managed user-generated content for your live or social media feed. Taggbox performs moderation within some limits like neither it gives you the irrelevant content nor the inappropriate ones. It offers two types of moderation procedures, it include:

  • Auto Moderation
  • Manual Moderation

You can either choose manual moderation or the automated moderation from       the dashboard of the tool. It is recommended to opt for the manual moderation as it will help you in maintaining the quality of the content that goes on your widget, event wall or on your social media feed. If you choose automatic moderation, then the pop-up will be shown to create certain rules for the same. You can create a list of the profanity or inappropriate words, hashtags, or handles which you want to remove automatically. Taggbox offers one more advanced option of selecting the network upon which you want to follow the list of rules the user created. This is one of the best and most advanced social media moderation tools. 

2. Juicer

Juicer - social media tools
Juicer is another well-renowned social media moderation tool that users can use for optimizing or managing your social media channel feed. It enables you to receive the social media feed updates via email, and the user can also set the interval for these emails, whether you want them on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis. The enterprise plan offers you the option of manual or automated moderation users can choose their most prioritized & useful one.

3. CrowdSource

CrowdSource - social media tools
CrowdSource can be used for Comment, Image, Sentiment, or Video moderation purposes. It provides full-service solutions for all types of moderation procedures. Its differential feature of videography moderation is significant. The sentiment moderation feature of CrowdSource is one of the most important and interesting tools. But, the plans are quite highly-priced.

Wrapping-it up

My friend, if you want to know about the best social media moderation tools, that too without a hit on your pocket, then you are at the right place. Social media platforms are open for all, but some people exploit their use and can share horrible or inappropriate content. To prevent your wall feed from any such content, the use of social media moderation tools is a must. Brands should use moderation tools to avoid any improper content to be displayed on your feed.

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