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Today’s businesses must continually project a credible social presence so they look competent. This is the only way to stay sustainable. Proof of this lies in the fact that over $9.2 billion is spent on social media marketing alone each year. Experts believe that this number will increase to $15 billion by the end of the decade.

Buffer Social

When you want a simple tool that’s easy-to-navigate, Buffer is the tool you should turn to. This tool has been around for a while, having earned the respect of a lot of social media marketers.

By simply adding this extension to your browser, you can enjoy many great features such as:

  • Analytics successfully track your social media performance so you know when the “perfect” time to schedule your tweets is. Your Story stresses the importance of this because you can then maximise your exposure to your business stays on top of all trends, which will result in more traffic from your social media campaigns. Of course, all of this is tracked through links that show you what content gets the most traction.
  • Custom scheduling is easily managed across various platforms. You can even customise each post for each platform you’re posting to. All of this are things you can manage too.
  • Browser extensions make it easier to post, share, and receive reports that will tell you how your social media content is doing.
  • You can easily schedule and manage the content from multiple social profiles. Word Stream reminds us that Buffer even makes this easy. It’s done through a browser extension. The neat thing is that this extension also tracks your follower’s activity so that you know when the perfect time to post is.

Through this intuitive, streamlined social media management platform you really can drive meaningful engagement which improves your social media results. When you talk to anyone who’s using Buffer the one thing they’ll tell you is that it’s user-friendly – you can even get fast customer service. This is because the user interface is both clean and intuitive. You’ll find that this is something Buffer actually prides itself on. They’re continually working on refining them so they’re more efficient and effective.

There are many great plans available so anyone can use Buffer, regardless of the size of your business. The free plan allows you to schedule 10 posts per social account; use the Pablo Image Creator; upload videos and GIFs. From there, each of the other plans allows you to also use the RSS feed and calendar; shorten and track links; use social analytics. The main difference between the other types of accounts is social media accounts and team members you have.


Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite is another great option for social media marketers. It actually has many of the same overlapping features as Buffer, as well as some options that are distinctly its own. These options include things like:

  • The multi-channel social media listening tool measures your social ROI and monitors multiple accounts and keywords.
  • The RSS feeds span 30+ popular social media networks.
  • Analytics and reporting are easily accessible so you have insight into how your social media campaigns are progressing and your social media community is growing.
  • You can easily assign tasks to your team then manage them yourself. This is something you can do on various social media sites, all from this one tool. Even Buffer App says this is a great way of staying organized while running a lot of different social media campaigns.
  • You can curate and schedule social media content and ads on over 35 different social media networks all from a single location. With this tool, even bulk scheduling of these things is possible. This is also something you can do for a variety of accounts in the same way. Adding these accounts and assigning account managers to them isn’t difficult either. There’s actually a robust training platform that will teach you how to do this.

Over 15 million social media marketers trust HootSuite today. This includes over 800 of today’s Fortune 1000 companies. Forbes says that there’s actually a really good reason for this: This comprehensive, all-in-one platform offers you a lot of great features at a great price. For this reason, many social media marketers actually start using this tool.

Unfortunately, Hootsuite doesn’t offer a free plan. While they’ve offered them in the past, today their plans range from $19 – $499 per month. Just like with Buffer, the price depends on how many social profiles and users you need.


There is one tool that’s different from all the rest, yet you don’t want to overlook it either. UberConference is a cloud-based conferencing system from Dialpad. With it, you can host web conferences during which you can access your participants’ social information (including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ accounts) throughout the conference as long as they’ve linked their social accounts. The nice thing is that you can do this with just a single click.

Although this is a great feature, it’s not the only feature you’ll enjoy and appreciate while using UberConference. According to Word Stream, this tool has a lot of great features. These include things like:

  • HD audio
  • You can choose your own local dial-in number from almost any area throughout the U.S. or Canada.
  • Documents can be easily shared from your computer, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or Evernote.
  • Salesforce is integrated into UberConference so that you have better customer insights.

Make sure you send web conferencing invitations. This is something that you should do as soon as possible. This allows participants to have plenty of time to add your conference to their schedule, making sure that they’re able to be in attendance.

Things like scheduling and organisation are a vital part of managing every part of your business. Fortunately, there are lots of great tools that will help you with this today. You’ll benefit from using them because once you’re more organised it’s easier to meet your goals and take care of your needs. So, make sure you check some of these tools out for yourself today.

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