The best lawn mowers in Australia

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best lawn mowers in Australia

Purchasing a new lawnmower that suits you and your backyard can be a real struggle, with many varieties, brands, and options nowadays. Do you choose electricity or petrol? How about a ride-on or a hand? Which one is the best? And what is a reasonable price? The guide below covers all kinds of lawnmowers, from lawn tractors to the unpowered push lawn mowers, including:

  • Manual lawn mower
  • Two ride-on mowers
  • Two-wire electric lawn mower
  • One robotic lawn mowers
  • Two without cords electric Mowers powered by a battery
  • Two petrol mowers

Unpowered reel mower

As a relatively cheap option of a lawnmower, you too can feel good, as it is eco-friendly and does not leave a mark on carbon footprint anywhere. If your lawn is small, consider an environmentally friendly hand mower and practice mowing the lawn. You can also feel suitable for two other reasons:

  • On top of that reel, lawnmowers also offer a precise scissor cut like the rotary mowers
  • Being nice to people around you as these mowers are noise-free

The best manual lawn mower

The best manual lawn Mower

The AHM 38G Bosch Manual garden portable lawn mower is an economical manual mower; its high-speed side wheels make it simple to use even in difficult-to-access lawn areas.

The handle is easy to adjust to your height for comfortable use, and the ergonomically padded handle helps you get the job done without a hitch. Bosch is easy to use and excellent for small and flat lawns that need little effort to mow and are well maintained with a clean cut. It has a 38cm cutting reel.

It has a five-star rating and one review: The petite beauty is ideal for a respected female citizen! So easy and straightforward to use. You can sometimes have trouble starting a mower that uses petrol, but with time you get used to it and now cut whenever you require. You don’t have to purchase fuel, and at an equal time, you get exercised. Best buys! ”


  • Cylinder cutting system that has five curved blades made of hardened steels
  • The compact size makes it easy to move around in a relatively small space and find sufficient storage space in a garage or toolbox.
  • Various cutting heights: adjustable from 15 mm to 43 mm.
  • The package comes with a 25-liter collecting basket
  • Electric lawnmowers that have cords

The best electric lawn mower that is under $230

best electric lawn mower

At a very affordable price that in no way reflects its quality, the ARM 37 electric lawn mower from Bosch provides perfect agility for a thoroughly clean lawn despite the conditions. A light machine that comes with a 1400W engine powerful enough to cut the grass perfectly, without polluting the surrounding with petrol decaying batteries or fumes.

For quiet operation and a cut protected by safety switches, this lawnmower has a low-maintenance cost with an appealing grass catcher of 40 liters. It only has a 37 cm or 14.5-inch lawnmower, so we don’t recommend it for large lawns, but it’s perfect for small ones. Thanks to its innovative structure and compact design, it is only ideal for small storage spaces.


  • 12 kg – very light, easy to carry
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Motor overload protection
  • Motor power: 1400 W.
  • Five positions of height adjustment: 20-70cm, easy cutting height adjustment through a center lever
  • Ergoflex ergonomic handlebar ensures a comfortable ride and a better place to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Section waste collector with a capacity of 40 liters, which diminishes the emptying clips time
  • Double folding handlebar and stackable clips collector to save space
  • Includes a Bosch Australia 2 year warranty

The hovering electric lawn mower

hovering electric lawn mower

Giving an Introduction of the Flymo SimpliGlide 360 Hover lawn mower ​​ – this may be the electric lawn mower of your dreams, ideal for a small lawn. Thanks to the 1800 W engine, it offers additional power compared to the previous Bosch. However, with a cutting width of 360​​mm, it is tiny more costly than the corresponding Bosch model, but thanks to its construction, it is exceptionally maneuverable.


  • Very light, just 7.6 kg.
  • Easily folds for transport and storage.
  • The unique floating suspension structure on the air cushion ensures that the grass does not flatten out before being cut, giving an excellent result.
  • Dual-lever for easy and convenient operation for right and left-handed users.
  • The cutting height is adjustable in four varying stages.
  • The minimum cutting height is 1 cm, and the maximum size is 3 cm.
  • Electric Lawn Mowers features battery powering

The most potent cordless mowers

The AEG 58V brushless lawnmower kit is ideal for small and medium lawns and is efficient thanks to the battery, making it entirely cordless for smooth mowing. Thanks to AEG’s modern battery technology, the wireless lawn mower’s brushless motor offers more efficient performance for longer life while allowing easy maintenance and low noise.

You will be surprised to learn that it is not a petrol mower! Plus, it features load sensing technology, which increases strength against the challenging cuts and is easy to move and store.

Self-propelled lawnmower for $849

Self-propelled lawnmower

The Ryobi 36V 6.0Ah 20″ self-propelled lawn mower provides the best cutting experience due to its advanced technology that offers an excellent mow. You can expect to use less effort for this self-propelled lawnmower provides varying speed and longer duration of operation before charging.

Thanks to the foldable handles, it offers excellent storage and portability and a generous 20-deck that ensures faster working. Other advantages are height adjustment to enable different cutting heights and quicker charging.

The bargain bots under $1,000

Robotic lawnmowers

Robotic lawnmowers under $1,000 are always hard to find. Its entry-level Moebot 800 model can mow up to 800 square meters.


  • An adjustable cutting height
  • 3-blade cutting system
  • Rain sensors, pick up and bump
  • It comes with a phone app and Integrated Wi-Fi

The Mobot 800 has three blades to cut grass in fine mulch, making it an excellent fertilizer. When done, there is no need to collect clips. Like the more expensive brands, the Moebot 800 recharges automatically when the battery is low and continues to run.

Petrol mowers

Petrol lawnmowers are more potent than electric lawnmowers and can last longer than wireless electric lawnmowers. With the moving parts present, they need more maintenance than the electric ones.

The long-lasting petrol lawn mower under $500

The long-lasting petrol lawn mower

The Masport 450ST S18 2n1, Cut, Grip and Mulch is your ideal choice for an excellent and long-lasting mow. This petroleum lawnmower will deliver years of performance and durability with a rust-resistant stainless steel case and a highly efficient 140cc 550E Series engine.

With the Rapid Start technology, starting it has never been easier and, thanks to the robust frame, is ideal and efficient enough for all types of lawn conditions. The mower also mows large areas quite well.

Featuring a four-blade disc system, this is an excellent lawnmower for collecting grass, thanks to the increased airflow and collection volume of 46.5 liters. The super convenient PVC grip on the top handle makes it the best for use.

Professional Grade petrol lawnmower below $850

Professional Grade petrol lawnmower

The Masport 19-inch Contractor is the professional lawnmower. Like the 21-inch model, the powering of this model is from a commercial Kawasaki OHV Series 180V IC FJ 4-stroke 179cc engine. This lawnmower features a design for the most challenging conditions and a very smooth cut.

The robust high-arc steel frame chassis can resist hard impacts and sandblast, ​​and together with the 4-blade cutting system, it offers excellent cutting, catching, and mulching performance. Cast alloy wheels are very durable and made to function under commercial conditions, limiting possible downtime for repairs. It features an open front chute that allows for high grass flow and full pickup with a rigid HDPE pickup.


  • Cast iron sleeve on cylinder
  • Bolt the front axle using steel bearing plates directly bolted to the frame
  • Powered by Kawasaki 179cc 180V OHV Series FJ IC 4-stroke engine
  • Cut, catch, and mulch
  • Robust steel frame to a depth of 485 mm (19″)
  • The engine guard and steel front bumper protects the cutting frame
  • Masport Quadcut 4-blade disc system ensures excellent catching because of the increased flow of air
  • Comfortable and robust raised handle at the top with a soft grip, large diameter, and strong steel tube
  • Sturdy bottom handle and additional fasteners for added durability
  • 3-positioned locking handle system for various height adjustments
  • HDPE plastic catcher with “full” indicator
  • Steel front flap
  • Zone start for a convenient starting position

Ride through lawn mowers

Ride-on lawnmowers feature a more extensive design for lawns than you would like to use a handheld lawnmower. If currently, you take more than two hours to mow your lawn, consider purchasing one or let a professional lawn mower do it for you.

The value money ride on the mower

value money ride on the mower

The Masport Mini Rider is a convenient and fast petrol-powered lawn mower for large lawn areas that need precise mowing. A dependable Briggs & Stratton 190cc electric starter motor features an economical lawnmower with a 24-inch steel side discharge mower that requires no tools for efficient cutting and is very easy to use.

Featuring six-speed choices and a steel bumper, this is a robust machine perfect for backyards. Plus, being a relatively small ride-on lawnmower, it is ideal for anyone who needs an easy-to-maintain device.

The ultimate ride on mower

Victa 22HP Zero Turn petroleum lawn Tractor

You can classify this as a lawn that offers perfect engines and large cutting equipment.  The Victa 22HP Zero Turn petroleum lawn Tractor is one of the best ridings on machines. It mows like a pro with an agile 360° rotation that lets you glide objects like trees.

It has a high-performing Briggs & Stratton Intek V-twin engine, which ensures a highly efficient mow and a mower that will last long with first-class mowing. Its completely welded steel frame with thick-wall on the front axle makes it ideal for commercial and residential use and has a sturdy, easy-to-use platform. To ensure a smooth operation, it also has an electric blade engagement and a handy built-in handbrake.


Purchasing a brand new tractor or mower can be a significant investment, so make sure you buy the correct one for your lawn. Based on our many years of experience, we rank lawn mowers for their performance, ease of use, industry and brand experience, consideration of technical specifications and engines. Above are the best options to buy the best lawn mowers in 2021.