Benefits of corporate team building activity after Covid19

All of us have been hit by the troubling realities of post-pandemic life. Endless lockdowns and remote working models have robbed many of us of the simple joys of meeting people and sharing a few light moments. Virtual meetings and conference calls now eat up much of our work routines. It is a stressful situation that often results in loss of motivation and affects the mental health of all.

If you are a business owner, you might want to know ways to make things less stressful for your employees. Well, on the bright side, the solution lies not far away! It is the same old corporate team building, performed in a new way, that can cure your employees of seclusion and boredom. Keep reading to know more.

What is a corporate team building activity?

In simpler terms, a corporate team building activity is the process of bringing together employees in an organisation through various group activities. Such activity can take many forms. It can be a field trip, physical exercise activities, shared meals, professional development activities, or even a silent disco night.

The main goal behind hosting a team building event is to induce a sense of comfort and togetherness in employees to foster a positive work environment.

A well-planned and carried out team building event can have various benefits. Some of these include:

Connect with remote teams

As we know, many of us have been forced to work remotely and almost none of us are enjoying it. There hardly remains a work and life balance and we often struggle to differentiate between the two. Many employees might have even moved to different geographical locations. Connecting with colleagues can be difficult here. A team-building activity can allow all remote employees and teams to connect with each other.

When a team is geographically distant and working round the clock, allowing them some time to bond and connect as a team outside of their project deliverables can have a huge impact on how well they will work together in future. The effects of covid19 on work culture can be diminished this way.

Create a sense of normalcyBenefits of team building corporate activites

Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over yet. And nobody knows when it will be eradicated off the face of our planet completely. New health and safety regulations are implemented on a more frequent basis than before. Industries all over the world are still facing its impacts. Employees might as well feel alarmed on all occasions when a conference call is requested.

A team-building activity can work wonders in reducing this fear and create a sense of normalcy. They can know that everybody is going through something similar and that they are together as a team. And that not every call is going to bring bad news. They can still normally work and share thoughts with colleagues like before.

Increase motivation

Working from home without appropriate infrastructure and in isolation can be one of the biggest causes of decreased morale in people. We, as humans, are social animals and not everyone likes to be inside four walls all the time. The pre-pandemic routine of waking up early and commuting to work was a source of motivation and feel-good activity for many of us. But with that routine changing, people are hardly motivated to work.

A team-building activity can help employees realise that they are valued and that their work matters. This can go a long way in increasing the employee’s motivation to work. Learning activities can also enhance motivation by making employees feel the growth they can expect inside your organisation.

Improve productivity

When employee teams are allowed adequate time to settle with the new normal, connect with each other as normal, and provided the right motivation, what follows is improved productivity. Each of the above benefits encourages individual employees and entire teams towards better mental health. And this results in a workplace where all employees perform best in the interest of the organisation.

Improved productivity can further lead to a higher return on investment and enable the organisation to thrive amidst challenges. Aligning employee engagement activities with corporate goals is one of the best approaches to human resource management planning. Satisfied, valued, and motivated employees put in their best work as compared to dissatisfied, confused, and depressed employees.

Enhance collaborationAfter Covid team building activity benefits

If we may alter the words of the saying a bit, “the team that plays together, works together better”. Corporate team building activities are widely popular to break the ice between team members and cultivate a sense of belonging. And this gives rise to a work environment where everyone feels safe to share their views. They can also ask each other more comfortably for any required information to perform a task better.

Enhanced collaboration again enhances the productivity of a team and the organisation as a whole. There is less time wasted in doing formalities or asking for the right information from the wrong people. Team building activities can be used to guide remote employee teams on how to collaborate for work and share information in an efficient manner.


Researchers deem team building as one of the foundational activities to creating a better workplace for all. All organisations must engage in activities that enhance their work culture and help drive better performance from their employees. If you are planning for an effective team building activity for your workforce post-covid19, you must contact Party Higher.

We have been providing the perfect employee mixer experience to our clients over the years and are now operating along with following all regulatory guidelines. We value your safety and commit to delivering a safe team building activity experience for you and all your guests.

Paul is a director at Party Higher in Australia. He has expertise in organising silent dance parties.  No matter what type of event you want to organise, he is eager to make your special event make unforgettable which you desire. You can contact Me here
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