Ayesha from Jeunifique talks about her quality skincare products

High performance natural skincare is no longer a pipe dream for beauty mavens. Accessible, affordable and designed for busy lives, Jeunifique’s indulgent plant-based range has been formulated with premium ingredients to combine the benefits of multiple, individual skincare products with simple, all-in-one natural skin food solutions.

Jeunifique mission is to empower women with premium skin care products and self-care techniques don’t have to be costly or time consuming.

Ayesha, the founder of Jeunifique answered some questions about her business.

Ayesha, according to you where is beauty and skincare industry headed?

Beauty and Skin care industry is an extremely competitive and growing industry. The global skincare landscape is evolving very fast and there is a massive shift in the way people are consuming products. The much-needed awareness around sustainability and harmful chemicals is growing. people are much more conscious and buying trends are slowly leaning towards sustainable and natural skincare. There is still a long way to go but we are headed in the right direction.


What was the Inspiration behind creating the brand Jeunifique?

I have always been very passionate about beauty and skincare. I grew up following the principles of Ayurveda which promotes balanced diet and natural living. I was blessed to have this knowledge so early on that I was naturally always inclined to natural skin care. I soon realised that the high-quality natural formulations available in the market are priced to burn a big hole in your pocket and their affordable counterparts don’t deliver very much. So, months of research and meetings with formulators later I decided to start my own brand. The idea was to create high performing age-defying natural skincare and making it more affordable.

What is your favourite Jeunifique product?

This is very hard to answer as I love them all, well there are only 4 products in all anyways. But you see, I wanted to create a range that won’t need a 15-step beauty ritual. My favourite is the Vit C, Antioxidant treatment with Kakadu plum and quandong extracts. This powerful antioxidant serum is designed for even sensitive skin like mine and has a very high stable concentration of soluble Vit C combined with peptides which makes the skin flawless and radiant. But to be honest the Regen-Restore Elixir which has coq10 and organic rose absolute is the most popular one. I always have it in my bag, and it keeps my face looking dewy all day.

What’s next for you, business and otherwise.

I have big dreams for Jeunifique, and I hope the brand make a difference in people’s skincare journey. I am also looking forward to a vacation with my family as this year has been extremely demanding.

What skincare advice do you have for us?

Well, Skincare is a part of your holistic self-care process. One thing I always tell my friends and customers is beauty is skin deep.

Balanced Diet along with a smart skin care routine is very crucial for healthy radiant skin. My advice to busy men and women would be to include the hardworking and high performing serums in your skincare routine. The high concentration of naturally derived Antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid, peptides etc will help your skin to fight against environmental aggressors and deliver a radiant complexion and firm skin.

Never ever forget your sun protection including sunscreens, umbrellas, hats and eye shades.

Thank you, Ayesha, for your time!
You can follow up with Ayesha at https://jeunifique.com

Ayesha from Jeunifique

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