Avoid the 7 biggest digital marketing mistakes in 2021

Avoid digital marketing mistakes, if you want to give a boost to your business in 2021.

Digital marketing is not new in the markets. Many companies are taking the leverage of this online marketing tool that helps them to establish their brand value. Be it a service sector company or manufacturer, nothing matches the power of digital marketing when it comes to profit generation. 

The basics of any company like branding, generating business, customer retention, and staying high among the competitors are some of the extended benefits of digital marketing. Realizing the same, the global digital marketing industry is growing large with an expenditure of about 325 billion US dollars in 2019. 

The covid-19 pandemic has affected businesses just like it had affected a normal person’s life. Talking in digital marketing terms, it will not be wrong to say that 2021 will be the year embarked on digital marketing only. Employees are not able to commute to clients due to pandemic restrictions. 

Thus, the entire responsibility is on the digital marketing shoulders to excel as it had never before. The companies are changing their approach to tackle customer needs and want to stay floating on harsh waters. But the billion-dollar question is that is your digital marketing strategy ready for this responsibility?

How to avoid these digital marketing mistakes

Needless to say, digital marketing has a lot to offer. When we speak about digital marketing in 2021, it needs to be effective, powerful, and highly efficient.

The world was already awed by digitization but this time it is not about supporting your business but actively participating in the overall development.

There are no chances of mistakes as the same audience is targeted by the same online means by many competitors.

So, here we present the biggest digital marketing mistakes in 2021. All you need to do is show them the door out of your digital marketing strategy for 2021.

Avoid these 7 digital marketing mistakesA digital marketing team looking at their strategy to avoid mistakes in 2021.

#1 Ignoring social media:

Social media apps like youtube, Twitter, etc., have gained users in this pandemic times like never before. 

Thus, it is not a great decision to exit the social media marketing or specialized social media campaigns from your digital marketing. 

People may or may not visit your website but will see your posts on their social media feeds.

With more than 78% of salespersons with active social media accounts perform better than others, ignoring social media is the biggest mistake for your business. 

It is not only about postings as you need to work on your social media strategy. You can aim for active customer engagement on social media platforms.

#2 Not understanding your audience:

You can never succeed in digital marketing without understanding the target audience. The details about the customers can’t be taken from the skewed data or assumptions only. 

The markets are changing post-covid-19, and there is a requirement for active tracking of customers’ persona.

As high as 70% of the business leads are never ready for sales. This is indicative that you have failed to understand your customer’s requirements and are bombing him with irrelevant content. 

Thus, there is an immediate requirement of customer’s data like personal information, buying information, etc., to present them with the right services before initializing any digital marketing campaigns.

#3 Unclear digital marketing strategy:

You may have a digital marketing strategy for your business. But nothing is worse than having an unclear strategy for online marketing. 

The unclear goals make it difficult for the teams to understand its effectiveness and loopholes.

Thus, all you need is an effective digital marketing strategy that has set predefined goals. 

You can take the help of SMART metrics.

Further, it is also important to document your digital marketing strategy for easy understanding and response.

#4 Low-quality content:

Content is the self-sufficient tool that if handled properly can generate enormous business. However, poor quality content results in customer attrition only. 

The content that is bulky, difficult to understand, and not properly researched will add more weight to your sinking ship.

With more than 70% of marketers understanding the value of content in digital marketing, you can’t afford poor content. 

You have to create SEO-friendly content with relevancy at its heart. Never skip uploading your company blogs.

#5 Mistakes in SEO strategy:A laptop and tablet with digital marketing statistics and mistakes to avoid.

SEO is the heart of any digital marketing strategy. With more than 77,000 searches on Google in a second, it is not wise to miss the bus. 

Relying too much on a single tool can even close the doors for your business online.

You need to make the right search engine optimization strategy for your business. So it is best to focus your on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO

Just like markets are dynamic, your SEO strategy should be open for great changes.

Things to consider in on-page SEO:

  1. E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness
  2. Title Tag: Add a good title tag with your keyword for users & search engines
  3. Meta Description: Provide brief information related to your page or blog
  4. Header Tags: HTML elements (H1-H6)
  5. SEO Writing: create unique content for both search engines and users
  6. Keyword Cannibalization: Do not create too many pages from one keyword
  7. Content Audit: Analyze your old content before creating new content
  8. Image Optimization: make a catchy image related to your article 

Things to consider in off-Page SEO:

Brand Mentions, Content Marketing, Guest Author, Broken Link Building, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Questions & Answers, Influencer Outreach, Forums, Newsletters, Commenting

Things to consider in technical SEO:

  1. Identify crawl errors & Fix them
  2. Check HTTPS status codes – make sure the website is secure
  3. Add an XML sitemap
  4. Check website load time for both mobile & desktop
  5. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  6. Generate an audit to find keyword cannibalization
  7. Add a Robots.txt File to your website
  8. Check google is indexing your site or not
  9. Avoid duplicate metadata & check meta description length
  10. Find Broken Links [Internal & External]

#6 Missing the power of multimedia:

Multimedia like videos, infographics, and photos have a high impact on customers. These can earn you more impressions than mere content. 

So, create videos, photos, and infographics, etc. for your business, otherwise, you will lose a lot of customers and it is not suitable for your digital marketing strategy.

All you have to do is to connect the multimedia with your boring pages and blogs. You can use the power of visual marketing by adding your real customer testimonials. 

“How to unbox” videos are also gaining momentum. These visuals on your online platforms can increase the lead conversion rate up to 86%.

#7 Decreasing human touch:

We’re having the best-automated tools for digital marketing but missing human involvement can cause recurring issues. 

Thus, consistent supervision can’t be eliminated from the process. This will help to incorporate timely changes in your existing digital marketing policy. 

Further, there needs to be smooth communication between your sales and marketing team to get the best out of online marketing.

Conclusion:A man using a whiteboard to plan digital marketing strategy and avoid mistakes.

Digital marketing has its value in determining the fate of any business. Thus, it can’t be taken for granted in any case. Especially in 2021, where companies not only have to survive the last year’s impact but have to stand high on customer service too. Take the charge of your digital marketing and let it do the hard work for your business.

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