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Bashar Ibrahim is an economics researcher who has done a lot of study into the way global markets shift and change over time. While there are a lot of factors affecting world trade that find their origin in state policy and societal divides, one area that he is interested in is the future of veganism. With the number of people adopting plant-based diets increasing (either due to ethical reasons, health reasons, or a mixture of both), there is naturally an increased interest in how this will shape the future of the world economy. With so much trade between nations consisting of livestock exportation and other goods/services that depend on the existing agricultural paradigm, there is a strong feeling of anticipation and perhaps some anxiety about what an increasingly vegan future will look like. Much of Bashar’s research is based on not just how the vegan economy is booming, but what side-effects it will have. The impact of a world going vegan will change predictions about a lot of things, including life-expectancy and overall quality of life for people. When there is less demand for products derived from animals, Bashar’s research examines how people will need to transition their careers and learn new skills to adjust to the new paradigm. He also looks at how not cultivating specific animal populations for the purposes of harvesting from them will ultimately affect those species, especially those that have been moulded over the centuries to depend on human involvement. In this, the research looks at the validity of the common criticism of vegans that their way of life will ultimately condemn species like the cow and the chicken to extinction due to their current dependence on the agricultural paradigm. In this regard, his research is incredibly thought-provoking.