Australia forest fires & free mx backup services offered by Duocircle to backup enterprise emails

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on your information and network systems. The bushfires in Australia have caused immense loss to lives and have also impacted various business organizations because of loss of internet connectivity. DuoCircle is extending its helping hand to businesses to recover and respond to disasters under such circumstances by offering Free MX Backup Services.

The internet is full of news about the bushfires ranging around in Australia for the past month or so. The bushfires have not only caused loss to life and property but also have thrown various business out of gear. DuoCircle, a US-based service provider, is offering free MX (Mail Exchange) back-up services to companies in Australia, thereby ensuring a semblance of much-needed relief.

Bushfires – extensive damage

The bushfires are unique to the vast continent of Australia. They can rage continuously for months together at a time. On this occasion, the fires have spread over from the forested areas to the cities and towns situated in coastal Australia. These fires have affected power and internet connectivity to almost all businesses in the areas where they are rampant. The commercial losses can add up to over billions of dollars. It goes without saying that these businesses need immediate assistance.

DuoCircle – the good samaritan

Help is forthcoming in the form of a goodwill gesture by a San Diego-based service provider, DuoCircle. This company specializes in providing inbound and outbound email security solutions that include protection from phishing, spam filtering, Smart Quarantine, Advanced Threat Protection, and email outbound filtering, among others.

Duocircle: mx backup – a practical solution

The aim is to help Australian businesses from such catastrophic events. The business organizations from Australia can avail of these services for free by signing up on the DuoCircle website and activating their plan. This free service is now available for three months.

The MX Backup Plan from Duocircle ensures the following.

  • Due to a natural disaster, the email server can go off because of the lack of internet connectivity. However, MX Backup Plan ensures that the emails do not get lost anywhere.
  • It works as a back-up email server in the case of a breakdown of the primary email server.
  • MX Backup specifies which backup email servers are responsible for handling incoming email in case the primary server goes out of business.
  • The MX Backup services are like a queue that automatically backs up email content.
  • It is easy to configure this service. It can accommodate up to 30 days of backup with an unlimited email volume handling capacity.
  • As MX Backup Service integrates with the top email server solutions, it becomes easy to access it via webmail. The service is a secure one, as well, because it uses a TLS-encrypted tunnel to ensure the reliable delivery of messages.

How to avail of this service?

As on date, this plan is only available for the business organizations based in Australia. To avail the offer, organizations can visit and register for the free MX Backup service by using the promo-code “bushfire”, and you can also reach out to the company representatives at [email protected].

DuoCircle at +1-855-700-1386
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By providing these services free of cost for three months, DuoCircle is trying to ensure that humanity still has a place in today’s world of technology and cut-throat competition and businesses around the world have a greater responsibility when it comes to the environment. Australian business entities should take advantage of this opportunity and salvage their operations.


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