The common reasons why articles are rejected

As we appreciate your interest in writing for Best in Australia, we approve only content that meets our requirements specified here.

Here are the common reasons when articles are rejected:

  1. BIO – missing image, BIO, fake BIO or your BIO is about the company. The BIO should be about a person (you can mention your business in the description). You can find out >> here << how to upload and edit your BIO.
  2. Length – your content is less than 950 words
  3. Non engaging content – content with no value (or little value) to readers
  4. Quality – style, grammar errors or just low quality content
  5. Formatting – the article is submitted in a format that is not used on our website (this usually happens when you copy and paste the content from your file)
  6. Titles and headings – we don’t accept content with uppercase titles and headings, you should use lowercase headings (except the first word starting the sentence, names or places) – see examples here.
  7. Plagiarism – the content is not original
  8. Anchors / links – we reject articles with ‘spammy’ or unnatural anchors/links, promotional or based location anchors/links (eg. “best web developer Sydney”)
  9. Language – we reject non-English content
  10. Promotional content – the article shouldn’t be an advertisement
  11. Press releases – not accepted
  12. Adult or sensitive content – we reject adult or mature content, job postings, gambling content, property listings, finance advice, self-promotional or press releases.

How to get my content accepted?

It is simple, do the opposite of the above mentioned points and follow these instructions: