ANZ Engineers: This immigrant’s startup nurtures and employs new engineers in Australia

Hi, Alex and Moly. Can you tell us about your backgrounds, and how you started ANZ Engineers?

Whenever Moly asked her colleagues and principal engineers technical questions, they always gave her generic responses such as, “It’s the way we do things here,” and, “Everyone does it that way/we have always done it that way.” Moly has an extremely inquisitive mind that’s always been inclined to finding answers. She’s always interested in in-depth research to understand the how, what, where, and where of everything. In fact, she’s still on the lookout for more efficient and cost-effective ways of doing things.

She was often taken advantage of due to her low pay (because of visa) and the short time she was in Australia. Her employer tried to claim a patent as his own, though she knew what was happening. You see, Moly aspired to make a difference to Australia and the world- she realized it’s not possible till she is working for someone else. She has a soft corner for new engineers and local/international graduates who lack local experience.

Coming from Iran, she herself found it difficult to get a job initially (without local expertise). However, she found herself a full-time position within 28 days of landing in the country.

What types of services do you provide your clients with?

The first and foremost in-house service by ANZ Engineers includes Structural Engineering for new residential designs, multi-units, renovation and extensions for industrial and commercial purposes. Next, we offer Civil Engineering for all types of properties. Some other services include Forensic Engineering, Dilapidation Reports, and Signage Design. Our solar panel functions include designing mounting frames and existing roof assessment reports. This includes the roof structure, roofing material, and age of the roof.

Since we provide these services and handle everything on behalf of the client, we rely on a trusted and efficient outsourced network.

Accordingly, we have separate teams. While we have a separate geotechnical engineer for soil test and footing probe, the land surveying department is distinct. We also ensure to check the energy efficiency rating.

We are a team that is quite passionate about providing top notch engineering services to satisfy varied customer requirements at affordable rates.

What type of clients do you work most often with?

We work with everyday people. It can be anyone such as mums and dads,  builders, architects, developers, strata groups, body corporates, health sector, entertainment, retail, education sector, communities, councils, solar companies, and likewise.

How would you say ANZ Engineers differ from other engineering consultants?

We never turn down a project. No matter how challenging or unconventional the project may be, we are ready! We do Structural Engineering Designing, Civil Engineering Designing, Forensic Engineering, and Signage. If you refer to our Facebook page, you can check out our Research and Development department. Moreover, our Senior Engineer, Moly, is also a trainer at EIA – Engineers Institute Australia, where she teaches future engineers about Australian Standards, Codes, and Local Design Methods.

What are some of the most memorable or challenging projects you and your team have worked on?

The first one on my mind has to be GOLD 104.3 FM. We had to use a Trebuchet that is a type of Catapult that uses a swinging arm to throw a projectile into the distance. It was the biggest in Australasia. Other than that, we have provided remedial solutions for concrete cancer to Life Saving Victoria, Mornington Peninsula Shire Boat Sheds Bathing Boxes, Heritage Listed Buildings, and others.

What kind of community involvement does ANZ Engineers participate in?

ANZ Engineers’ community involvement includes names such as St Vincent De Paul Soupvan Kitchen and the Australian Humanitarian Aid for Macedonia.

Are there any future plans to expand your services and/or recruit more talented engineers to your team?

Of course, we are always looking for talented engineers! That is why we formed EIA- Engineers Institute Australia. We saw there was a skill gap that needed to be filled and we are now filling that gap with exceptional knowledge, skills, methods and preparing the next generation of engineers for the right path.


Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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