Andrew Fennell talks about DIY pest control from Pestrol

Andrew Fennell is the founder of Pestrol, Australia’s largest DIY provider of alternative pest control products. With over two decades worth of experience and knowledge in serving Australia wide, Pestrol has evolved to become one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable pest control businesses. The company markets a variety of high-quality, affordable and, above all else, safe pest control solutions that can be administered around residential and commercial settings.

Andrew was able to answer a few of our questions about the history of Pestrol, what makes it one of the market leaders and how it is changing the industry.

Andrew, when did you start Pestrol and what exactly was the reason?

Answer: Back in 1999 I was already involved in health-related products and I realised there was a need to create an environmentally friendly pest control range as i saw the impact chemical pest control was making to the environment. There are of course benefits on using pesticides, however there is a very large concern for sustainability of environment and global stability.  Many birds, marine organisms and animals are under the threat of harmful pesticides for their survival.

Did you have any experience in the pest control industry before creating Pestrol?

Answer:  No, I did not. Which made it even more exciting and challenging to get involved.

How do you adapt and change your products/services to better meet the needs of your customers?

Answer: We always listen to customer feedback and request.  This is the best way to determine what products deliver the best results. We always work closely with experts in the fields to gain further insight, which is the best way to improve product development.

What makes your products/services so reliable, safe and effective?

Answer: Chemical Free pest control will always be a lot safer for the environment and for people that are using it.   Furthermore, research shows that chemicals are not only dangerous but also no longer that effective, as insects and pests gain tolerance.  We always invest in field testing to make sure the products are effective and providing results.

Where are your products used most often – residential or more commercial settings?

Answer: Most of our customers are from the residential sector.  However, recently we have seen a significant shift with commercial customers to using chemical free pest control.  There are grants available from the Australian government for commercial users to encourage chemical free solutions.

Within your product range, which solutions are the most popular and why do you think this is?

Answer: Definitely Rodent Control for Winter. There is a significant problem with Rodents in Australia.  The feedback we get from the customers is that chemical solutions are no longer providing results and it is a costly option.  And in summer it is of course Mosquito and fly problems. It is the most dangerous species in the world and impacts absolutely everyone, weather it is just an itchy bite or more serious illness.  Our Mosquito traps are used worldwide and provide a significant reduction in mosquitoes.

Apart from your comprehensive range of solutions, how else do you differentiate Pestrol within the market?

Answer:  We specialise in providing DIY solutions and advice to the customers on how to use our products accurately, furthermore the customer can call and talk to us about the problem. Unfortunately, a lot of other companies can only offer a solution over automated online service that is not available to everyone.

Are there any plans to expand or diversify Pestrol over the next few years, given the company’s long-term success?

Answer: We are currently working on the Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products that I believe is a must for every household and commercial location worldwide.  I built the business on the belief we should avoid using chemicals wherever possible and our growth for the future will accomplish our vision on providing chemical free products and solutions.

Thank you Andrew for sharing your time with us!
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