An interview with Dr. Dushyant Singh about the newly-opened Redbank Medical Centre

Redbank Medical Centre was established in 2018 and provides the Redbank community in Brisbane with a range of quality, bulk-billed healthcare services. We interviewed Dr. Dushyant Singh to learn more about the centre.

What inspired you to start up Redbank Medical Centre?

Redbank was the first suburb I lived in when I first came to Australia many years ago. Since then I have worked in different medical centres and hospitals across Australia and have gained significant experience and expertise in dealing with complex chronic disease management and emergency medicine.

I always wanted to come back to Redbank to settle down and be a part of this great community and to give back by providing expert medical services.

What services do you offer?

  • Expert management of chronic disease
  • Women’s health: antenatal clinic, gynaecological issues, contraception etc.
  • Child health services: immunization, growth and development assessment, behavioural issues etc.
  • Adolescent health services
  • Preventive health checks
  • Old-age health services: osteoporosis, fall risk assessment, arranging aged-care needs, etc.
  • Palliative care
  • End-of-life care
  • Work cover
  • Skin cancer checks and management
  • Management and care for chronic skin conditions

Are you bulk billed?

We are 100% bulk-billed.

Do you have any advice for maintaining good health in 2019?

Healthy life habits include: exercising for at least 30-45 minutes a day, weight management aiming for a healthy body mass index, eating a well-balanced diet, not smoking, consuming less than 2 standard drinks of alcohol a day, getting quality sleep, ensuring work-life balance to avoid burnout, and striving to live a stress-free life.

How often should people have a general check-up?

Health check-ups aim to screen for medical conditions – early intervention can help people make significant improvements. Health checks differ over a person’s life span; we recommend routine health checks starting from birth. Some people may need more frequent check-ups than others.

  • Every few months from birth to age 4
  • Annually for children
  • Annually for adolescents – STI and mental health screening recommended
  • Every 1-3 years for young adults (21-40)
  • Annually for middle-aged adults – screening for cardiovascular risk factors, mental health
  • Annually for older adults (50+) health checks aim at various cancer screenings, osteoporosis screening
  • Annually for adults aged 65 and above – health checks aims at fall risk, mental health, functional status decline and assessment for aged care.

What health and wellness trends do you expect to see in 2019?

Because of our fast paced modern lives we have been seeing an increase in chronic diseases and mental health conditions, so treatment for these. Developments in technology are allowing us to better monitor patient health and improve communication; this increases our standard of care and the patient experience overall.

You can follow up with Dr. Dushyant Singh at:

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Christian Woods
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