An emotional Karl Schmid reveals he is HIV positive

Entertainment reporter with the ABC News Karl Schmid has come out as HIV positive after an alleged ten years of silence on his condition in an emotional and heart-wrenching post on Facebook.

Schmid, renowned for his coverage of The Academy Awards and other large-scale Hollywood events, was told to keep his secret for the sake of his reputation.

The reporter uncovered that he had been struggling with a split agenda, wanting to share his condition with the world but being heavily advised by industry professionals that it would mark the end of the career.

In addition, Schmid expressed fear regarding what the wider community would think of him, and that the stigma would “ruin him”.

But it was clear that the Los Angeles-based TV reporter had come to terms with his conditions and sought acceptance despite the disease.

Karl Schmid spoke from the bottom of his heart, with a loud and ringing statement that he just wanted “love and acceptance”.

Unafraid to reveal his human side, Schmid expressed that he was just an average Joe despite the fact that he is on television from time to time, and that to be loved by friends and family was all he wanted just like any other person.

Borrowing the words of author Mark Twain, Karl Schmid backed his message with his belief to be true to himself in order to be true to others. Schmid expressed the sentiment that to be truthful is to not have to remember anything you say.

Schmid ended his Facebook post with an empowering message. Addressed to the people going through the same ordeal as he did, Schmid stated to never doubt themselves over “three scary letters and one symbol”.

Karl Schmid’s HIV admission comes as an encouraging message in a social climate where anti-HIV stigma is often the most severe psychological or social issue that HIV positive people suffer every day, even within the LGTBQ community.

It is estimated that approximately only one in every three adults who are HIV positive are regularly seeing a clinician for their disease.

With his story of struggle, Schmid posted to Instagram later that day to express how pleasantly surprised and grateful he was at the effect of his admission.

He went on to say that he did not expect his story to create “such an impact.”

Since his post, Schmid has received an overwhelming outpour of positive support from his fans on social media.

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