Amazing travel hacks to save money on your next holiday

To many people, travelling on a budget is a myth. However, what many don’t realize is that travelling doesn’t have to eat up months of your salary. As someone who has saved money on her travels, I can assure you that you can too. A 2017 survey concluded that 74% of people struggled with paying off their vacation expenses. What does this mean? Well, it means most people are spending more on travel than they can afford to.

However, all is not bleak. Another study revealed that millennials spend the least on their vacations in comparison to those older than them. This is despite earning fewer bucks. Their budget-friendly approach to travelling is reshaping the industry and also having an impact on others.

If you’re someone who wants to travel but doesn’t want it to cost a bomb, you’re in the right spot. As someone who has mastered the art of saving money on her trips, I have compiled a few tips that can be of great help. Read on to learn how you can travel without exceeding your budgetary limits.

Be secretive about your trip

When I emphasise you being secretive, I don’t mean that you should hide your plans from your loved ones. I mean that you should be smart with your smart devices. It’s no secret that via cookies search engines study your next move and preferences and put forward alluring ads accordingly. If you are planning a trip, avoid purchasing items online.

Be strategic about travelling

There are times of the year when your travel plan will cost you more or less. This depends on the season. Book your travels when most people don’t. This also depends on your destination. Search when it would be the best time to plan a vacation to a country; when the season is low.

Travelling during the off-season doesn’t only mean lower airfares but also less pricey tickets of tourist attractions and not having to deal with obnoxiously huge crowds.

Save on big expenditures: booking, hotels, and car rental

Car rentals could be a real money saver. Photo: flok85, Pixabay

Look for deals that can go in your favour. Most people procrastinate the research part when they are planning a trip. Also, do your math. So many companies claim that they are offering budget-friendly airfare options. However, in truth, they are making you pay for what you save on other factors such as extra luggage. They also take away the privileges of refunds, cancellations, the choice to change your seat or enrol in the loyalty program.

I go for deals that are actually worthwhile when choosing my flight, hotel, etc. Here are some ways you can save on the big expenditures when planning a holiday:

  • Choose the longer and more economical route when looking at route combinations
  • Pack your bags smartly with fewer items and avoid the need for having extra luggage
  • If you travel often, join loyalty programs
  • Use coupons for travel when booking hotels and purchasing items to find better deals
  • You can use apps for discounts on hotel rooms. Cash in on unbooked rooms at discounted prices
  • Don’t spend too much on cruises. Avoid eating too much onboard and spending on extra activities such as spas and massages
  • Save money on car rentals, raking in some discounts

Save on smaller expenditures: shopping, eating, etc.

Woman shopping
Don’t overspend when shopping abroad. Photo: gonghuimin468, Pixabay

For me, the purpose of travelling is to mingle with the locals and learn their culture. This, I believe, is what makes a trip fruitful and memorable. When chatting with my friends about travelling, I am always surprised to know how many of them think that travelling has to be a more luxurious experience. In other words, they have expensive preferences even when their wallets groan at the idea of spending too much.

You can save a lot on travelling when you try local cuisines rather than dining at 5-star restaurants. Research on which beaches, libraries, museums, and other such free of cost spots you can visit. Some other tips that can be helpful for budget travelling:

  • Go to a hotel room that has a small kitchen area, or one that at least has a small refrigerator or a small oven. You’ll be able to reheat leftovers and not have to pay for every single meal.
  • It would be better if a washer or dryer is also in the room. So, you can clean your clothes easily and pack light.
  • Avoid shopping at glamorous shopping malls. Instead go for shopping from stalls, stands, and bazaars.
  • Make use of coupons while shopping for apparels, shoes, and accessories
  • Pack some eatables and drinks with you. Take your essentials such as toiletries along with you
  • Tour the city on foot as much as you can. Make use of local transport

Don’t stop working

The best way to travel more often is to earn even when you are on a vacation. If you are under 26 years of age, you might be able to easily find a job in the area you are staying in. Search online – there are programs that allow you to work legally abroad while you travel. A better option? Earn remotely via your laptop. You can start a blog if you travel a lot. Other than that, you can score a position that can be handled remotely. Such positions include:

  • Content or copywriting
  • Graphic designing
  • Virtual assistant
  • Online tutoring
  • Working for an online business that offers another less conventional remote opening


Travelling on a budget is possible. You don’t have to flash out all your bucks when planning a trip. Be smart with your expenditure and lifestyle. Not only would you be able to enjoy a great experience, but you’ll also be able to save while at it.

Alex Bill
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