5 amazing clock ideas for your office

Every office requires a clock, it’s the most basic thing you will find. If you are waiting at the reception desk during the interview process, you will turn your head to look at the clock hanging on the wall. A clock in your office can add a cool ambience and style to it.

There are lots of options in wall clocks that it takes a lot of time to choose one option.

If you are having any trouble finding the right clock for your office then don’t worry. This article will throw the light on the clock ideas for your office and save you time. 

5 Amazing Clock Ideas For Your Office

Placing Clocks in a bunch 

You can use a single clock for your office, that’s what everyone is doing. You can go one step further and use clocks in a bunch, that way you can easily adjust to your clients if you have plenty of them. If they are from different timezone you can manage your clients and keep a track of them. Now, coming to the clocks, these should be of the same shape but can be of different colours like white, blue, green, red, etc. They look good and can be easily personalized like you can mix the design of the clocks. The number of clocks you can put together depends on you it can be 3, 4 or might even 6. If you are into the travel-related business, then this wall clock decoration idea works wonders for you. There is no certain rule on how can you place multiple wall clocks at once. 

Go for a Maritime and Weather Station Clock

These clocks are the best fit for your office as they are the best of both worlds. This single clock helps you to keep the tab on the time and also keeping the weather in check. So, there is no point of having two different pieces to check time and weather. Opting for a maritime clock will help your employees in the office to get all the information at one place. So, this works well if your company is interested in monitoring the weather or those who are interested in captivating wall clocks.  

Choose a modern decorative wall clock

A modern decorative clock is suitable for the office. You can place a modern wall clock in the meeting room or in the reception area. These clocks are getting popular nowadays to use in the office. You should go with a modern decorative wall clock which has a contrasting dial and the background. Another benefit of these wall clocks is that they are silent and there won’t be any irritating ‘tick tick’ sound. 

This works well if you want to have a clock in the interview room or in the meeting room. But if you are a fan of unique settings, then modern wall clocks for your office can do this task, you can put them anywhere and have a certain experiment. Shopping for a modern wall clock is fun, don’t get confused with the number of options present. You can buy modern decorative wall clocks from any nearest store or for more options you can buy online. 

Desk clocks for your cubicle

You see a desk clock on your colleague’s table and you also want it. There are lots of options that you can choose as your desk clock. A desk clock is ideal for people who work at there workstation for the whole day. They are more than just the showpiece for your desk, they have many features that help to optimize how you want to spend your time. The desk clocks come with the charging ports and also a better alarm system. This works for employees who are looking for a modern option at their office desk. Go for a desk clock that reflects your taste and choose a from a variety of materials like in chrome, graphite or wooden. 

There are lots of options available when you are looking to buy a desk clock and if you have a desk, then you can at least have a wall clock. If you want something elegant then you can go for a crystal desk clock, the look of the clock is elegant and it compliments your desk space. 

Add a retro wall clock to your office

A retro clock will always look good if used properly, you can create a perfect look by adding a retro clock. While choosing a retro clock you can check the beautiful design and choose one with roman numerals. The big numbers are able to read from the distance, so placing the retro clock at a high position works. It will also take your office to look similar to the ’60s and ’70s. You can check plenty of options available online and choose one which suits your office. If you are not a fan of Roman numerals then you can choose a retro clock like the image above, with the hour and minute hands being big.  


So, having a clock for office is a must. Nowadays, smartphones might have replaced the clocks but there is still some charm left with them. Choosing a clock for your office can depend on a lot of factors like the size of the clock, the place where you want to hang the clock, whether you are going for the analog or digital version. 

These are the 5 best clock ideas for your office and the ideas can also differ according to your taste and you can buy clocks from offline stores but the problem with offline stores is that there you won’t get plenty of options whereas in online you have loads of office clocks with amazing discounts. 


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