Alec Baldwin files lawsuit against man who sued him for assault

Alec Baldwin is in the offensive with his own lawsuit against the man who accused him of allegedly assaulting the man over parking space.

Wojciech Cieszkowski, the man that filed a lawsuit against the actor has been counter-sued in the New York Supreme Court by Baldwin last Friday for false defamation and false imprisonment over the previous incident that happened last year.

Baldwin’s lawyer states in the lawsuit that Cieszkowski fabricated the story to the authorities about the incident, saying that Baldwin only pushed the man lightly during their altercation. The report added that the actor became irate after Cieszkowski apparently drove dangerously close to his family who was situated on the curb at that given moment.

Court documents further explained that when two New Yorkers get into an altercation over a parking spot, they usually engage in a sharp exchange of words and then move on from the encounter. This wasn’t the case apparently, as the man has fabricated a false story about the incident and was insistent for the actor to give in to his demands.

Doug Lieb, Cieszkowsi’s lawyer replied to the allegations and said that Baldwin’s lawsuit is a bullying tactic. The lawyer further added that Baldwin is like the character he plays on television who is entitled with a background of verbal and physical abuse to people he sees as inferior to himself.

The Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star was previously arrested for an altercation with the police who flagged him down while cycling in the wrong direction in the street back in 2014. In 2011, the actor was forced to board off his flight after an incident with the airline crew after the actor refused to stop playing a game on his smartphone. The actor has had a history of public incidents that have led to some of them to turn into legal debacles.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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