8 tips on how not to ruin your relationship when planning a wedding


A wedding day is one of the most important dates and it should definitely be a memorable ceremony. But, the entire wedding planning should not be something that puts your relationship to a test. You simply have to acknowledge the fact that it will be stressful, tiresome and demanding. But, the end result will be worth it. Since a wedding is a celebration of love, learn how to plan it without ruining your love along the way.

Your relationship has more value than the Event

The wedding ceremony is just one tiny fragment of your entire relationship. You’ve been together before the wedding and you plan on committing to each other until the very end. When you begin your wedding journey, remind yourself that your relationship has more value than the entire Event. Your relationship is the main reason why you decided to take the plunge and get married. So don’t get lost during this tiresome process and always put your relationship and your love first. Devote your time and resources to wedding planning and make it a priority. Also, find the time to go on date nights as well, and make a pact to talk about everything else besides the W-word.

Don’t stress about your physical appearance

When couples finally set up a date for their wedding, they get obsessed with dieting and exercising beyond exhaustion. We do understand that you want to look your best and feel your best by the time you have to slip into your wedding gown or a tailor-made suit. If you put all your focus and energy on one thing only, you won’t enjoy the entire wedding planning process. Instead, take it slow and be reasonable. Both of you can take up some exercise and clean your diet a bit to tone up before the wedding. Just don’t let your physical appearance affect your life and your happiness.

Don’t fight over the small details

Yes, details are important. We can all agree to this. But, fighting over the shade of a table runner is not the recipe to a successful wedding planning. The details will definitely contribute to the beauty of the entire wedding ceremony, but it’s not something you should fight over. Future spouses should make a list of the things they would like to include in the wedding ceremony. Discuss everything together from table decoration, color chart, flower arrangements, table setting, and other details. Once you finish writing your list, read it out loud in turns and agree on the things you both want and discuss the differences. Resort to a compromise when you disagree over the wedding cake or a flower arrangement. Just find the middle ground and stick to it.

Determine the budget together

Determining your wedding budget together is an excellent exercise for the other big decisions in your marriage. Outline the minimum and the maximum amount of money you’re able to spend. This will give you an estimate of your budget. Bear in mind that you still have to afford a living after the ceremony so going into debt isn’t reasonable. Write down the number and don’t break the bank.

Your wedding vows are about your love

When you start composing your wedding vows, think in terms of the audience. Who is it for: your future spouse or the entire reception? The wedding vows are the proclamation of love to your partner so write it with them in mind. It’s not about wowing your guests so don’t think about their opinion. This is something you feel comfortable saying to your partner while you gaze into their eyes while holding their hands. Love is simple, emotional, theatrical, unconventional and everything else you want it to be.

Stay true to your idea of fun

When it comes to the entertainment part of your wedding ceremony, consider those things that will make the entire event memorable to you. If you’ve always wanted to have live music playing at your wedding, don’t even consider other options. People will always have their own idea of fun and suggest other options like a DJ or even their relative that knows a lot about music. Experienced wedding music bands can stay true to your idea of fun and play what you always wanted to listen to at your wedding. Make sure to make a list of the most meaningful songs together so you’ll have a chance to dance the night away while your favorite music plays in the background.

Don’t let the opinion-givers meddle into your wedding planning

Since the wedding planning takes time and is a time-consuming project, people will probably ask some questions along the way. The wedding conversation will probably come up during a dinner date with friends or family. Be prepared to hear a lot of different opinions and differing views from your own. You might even disagree with someone from your close circle of friends. The best solution here is to avoid any conflict and don’t let their opinion meddle into your wedding planning process. Just be polite, hear them out, thank them for their contribution and just do it your way. Let them know that you understand their point of view but you still wish to go through with the plan that ultimately makes you and your partner happy.

Ask for professional help

Doing everything on your own when it comes to even the tiniest wedding ceremony details is not impossible. Many people are proud to say that they’ve successfully planned out their entire wedding. But, if you feel like you can use professional help, don’t be afraid to hire a wedding planner. These people are professionals and know how to take out stress out of the wedding planning equation. A professional wedding planner can be the answer to all your worries and help you have a truly meaningful day.

And remember, your wedding is just another party. It is by far one of the most important parties of your life and it can’t be compared to anything else. But, the main goal is to celebrate your love and have fun along the way. So, enjoy the show and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Mianna Korben
Mianna Korben
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