7 spring fashion trends for women in 2018

2017 has officially ended, and we’re already three months into the new year. With spring/summer looming right above us, the fashion weeks from New York, London, and Milan have already started to make waves in the industry. Designers from all over the world experimented with florals, bold colours, and the very noticeable stripes and stars. All three runways were brimming with essential elements that were made livelier that could be worn from dusk till dawn.

Versace’s collection was particularly jaw-dropping and glamorous because the creative director, Donatella Versace, sister of Gianni Versace, took out the big gun on her brother’s 20th death anniversary. Her brother’s bold vision combined with the original supermodels took everyone by surprise, and that’s not something you see every day in the fashion world. Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera were one of many who displayed their magic this season.

Though there has been lots to talk about, we’ve boiled it down to 7 spring trends that will make you look like an actual fashionista when you step out the door and into a party.

Here’re a few trends you must follow if you want to be kept up-to-date with the latest ins and outs of the fashion couture industry.

  1. Go bold or pastel with colours

The New York Fashion Week emphasized bright and very vibrant colours. For the spring palette, most designers stuck to saturated hues and experimented with orange, yellow, pink and the sharpest shade of pink. While New York opted for vivid hues, London took a softer, more subtle approach.

You could definitely spot dusty tones and pastels while flipping through a magazine that featured the London Fashion Week. Romantic shades such as blues, beiges, and lilacs popped up at nearly every show.

Tip for you: For this spring season, go all out with either the bright or pastel colours to create an attention-grabbing look. Instead of mixing and matching, stick to bringing the outfit together by combining them monochromatically.

  1. All that glitters is gold

If you’ve always liked to play dress up and wear dresses filled with sequins, spring 2018 is the time when you can go all out. The runway was filled with models wearing evening dresses that were stitched in a variety of different materials from silk to satin. Glitter filled the room and gave a flamboyant twist to even the most naturally designed outfits. Everything from princess dresses to disco suits had a ‘shiny’ look to them that made them look all the more alluring.

Tip for you: If you’d like to escape the uniformity of the usual ball gown or evening dress, break all the rules and go all out with the glitter and make your independent style. After all, what better way to say you’re a la mode than with a style that’s hyped in the fashion week!

  1. Spice it up with a coat/jacket

Everything from trench coats to parka and anorak jackets could be spotted on several shows of the fashion weeks. While New York took to the 90s for inspiration, both Milan and London were seen favouring trench coats. These coats were worn with everything from bikinis to office attire and got a much-needed upgrade with frills, denim, silhouettes, and some even went sleeveless! So, if you thought trench coats are boring, let this season’s fashion week guide you on how to make it just a little interesting.

Tip for you: Update your wardrobe with trendy, not traditional trench coats that will keep you safe from the cold while making you look like a million bucks.

  1. Play the patterns right

If anything, spring is a season of freshness and delight, and that’s exactly what was portrayed at the fashion week. Several runways showcased bold pattern designs with florals set against polka dots several and other variations. Designers like Miuccia Prada went the extra mile and collaborated with eight illustrators to get inspired by comics. Several others were seen experimenting with famous paintings and covers of Vogue, to get an edge.

Tip for you: Go bold with patterns this season. Don’t hold back the urge to wear that highly patterned dress you’ve always wanted to because this is the season that ‘s bringing out the big guns.

  1. Make denim your best friend

This year’s spring fashion week proved that you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look chic. Denim, in nearly every form from jeans to jackets, was seen highlighting the New York fashion week. Some even went ahead and paired their jeans with evening dresses to bring out the ultimate look. This American staple also got a makeover with denim that was slightly ‘bejeweled’ to make it perfect for a casual date.

Tip for you: Instead of feeling outdated because you’re wearing a pair of jeans, feel proud to own something that’s become quite popular at the fashion week runway.

  1. Get comfortable with fringe

Much like glitter, fringe was also one of those trends that ruled the runways. While some designers presented the fringe look sparingly into their bags and other pieces, others went all out with technicolour dresses that had layers to them and looked stunning. The fringe added something to even the most common-looking outfits and made everything look a little livelier.

Tip for you: Get comfortable with fringes because it’s the ‘it’ trend this spring. Maybe you could even pair it up with a fringe haircut?

  1. Checks are back to rule

Have you ever thought that check prints are boring and should only be worn by men who are above 50? If you’ve then Spring 2018 has just proved you wrong. Though a lot of floral prints were spotted at the fashion weeks, checks were far more groundbreaking. Both Burberry and Prada had bold mixes of checks that were on everything from sheer dresses to formal suits and overalls.

Tip for you: Don’t dismiss that plaid jacket you see the next time you go shopping because it just might be the thing your wardrobe’s missing.

So, adopt these spring 2018 trends before the season ends and enjoy the compliments that people give you for your fashion sense.

Alycia Gordan
Alycia Gordan
Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing.
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