5 Tips for parents with an aspiring child model

Having a child who has a natural talent for and interest in modelling is something that you can be proud of.  As a parent, giving your child model the support she needs will help her flourish in this field and cope well with all the demands that this profession, her studies, and other activities will impose on her.

Helping your child get into modelling

If your child has already expressed her desire to start modelling professionally, here are some tips that will help you and your young one navigate through the process smoothly:

1.     Choose an agency that you can work with

First, find a fully-licensed, reputable modelling agency that will help your child achieve her dreams and, at the same time, understand your priorities and concerns.

If you want your child to prioritise her studies, extracurricular activities, and other hobbies, your chosen agency should understand and support this. From the start, the agency should be aware of what you and your child are and are not willing to sacrifice. They should be comfortable with all these and never put undue pressure on you and your child.

However, you have to avoid demanding too much from your child’s agent as well. If you have your own set of conditions, the agency will have their own as well. It is best that you understand the terms and conditions stated in the contract before you and your child sign anything.

In case you think you and your child can’t meet certain requirements, consider looking for another agency that may be more flexible and willing to accommodate your needs.

2.     Make sure your child has the right employment permit

Before your child starts working professionally, ensure she has all the right permits as required by the state or city. The agency or employer must apply to the appropriate organisation for a child employment permit.

You will also need to sign the form or give your consent. Again, before signing anything, read the documents first. You would also do well to check what the employer’s obligations are in your state.

It is also important to make sure that your child only participates in shoots that comply with state regulations.

3.     Invest in new photos regularly

Regardless of age, all models need to have an amazing portfolio. It should contain beautiful and fascinating photos of your child. It also needs to be updated constantly. This is because kids grow quickly. As such, you need to have their images shot fairly often.

Some agents will request for new photos twice or thrice a year. In such instances, you need to invest in some professionally-shot images with your child model presenting an editorial look. You can also send your child’s agent some digital photos from time to time, especially images that you think represent your little one well.

4.     Instil in your child the value of education

Even if your child is a natural-born model, make sure she never lets her grades slide. Keep tabs on her studying habits. You should also inform your child’s teachers and administrators about her decision to start a career in child fashion.

Ask them for assistance in helping your child prepare and complete her assignments and projects even if she may be out of the city for a photo shoot. Do your part in helping your child complete all these and study especially when she is at home.

As a parent, it is important that your kid stays in school and continues to learn whether she is a full-time or part-time child model.

5.     Have fun

Lastly, being the next Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid may be the focus of your child now. However, you need to remind your child to have fun, too. You should do the same as well – after all, there’s more to life than great makeup.

There are many perks to being part of the modelling industry, and you and your child model should know and experience them. Enjoy the out-of-town trips and the opportunities to meet and greet celebrities and to make new friends. Revel in all these wonderful experiences since a lot of people won’t have the chance to go through or live them.

Helping your child break into the modelling industry can be exciting. But as a parent, you need to know that you will have your work cut out for you. The whole process can go smoothly and be stress-free if you choose a trustworthy modelling agency from the start since they will play an important role in helping your child model achieve her dreams.

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