5 Romantic elopement destination within Australia

Over the years, many couples have been rejecting the idea of having a big wedding. Instead, they opt for an elopement destination, usually somewhere away from their homes, where they can enjoy a private, romantic atmosphere with maybe a few friends and family.

Why should you elope?

There are a couple of justified reasons why a couple should give up on the idea of a big wedding and find another destination for a private ceremony.

First of all, there are people who are simply not a “wedding person”. Unlike most of the others who know exactly how their wedding will look like, these people don’t enjoy throwing parties and they aren’t good at planning them. And what’s more important, they hate when the spotlight is on them.

To put it simply – they find the process of organizing and going through the wedding stressful. It’s just too much to think about – the caterer, a DJ, transportation.

Next, weddings are expensive – there’s that. Even if it’s an average-sized ceremony, you will still end up spending around $30,000. Of course, there are cheaper options – believe it or not, beautiful beach weddings with about 20 guests are more than affordable.

And what’s worse about big weddings, even though you spend all that money, there will still be guests who will find something to complain about, whether it’s the food, the music or the flowers.

And lastly, there are just too many rules to follow. It’s not going to be just a day that belongs to the bride and the groom – everybody will want to give their piece of mind and tell you what is or isn’t appropriate for a wedding, even though all of them have different views. You would have to be prepared to explain every wedding decision that you make, especially if you are a non-traditionalist.

So, here are a few elopement destinations where you could get what you really want of your wedding:

1. Tasmania

This region is a truly historic place, filled with gardens and providing breathtaking scenery. Tasmania is also famous for its gourmet food, quality wines, and cheese, while the accommodation is affordable for anybody – you can choose between a 5-star hotel and B&B accommodation,

2. Yallingup Beach, WA

If you enjoy snorkeling and swimming in a protected lagoon, this could be the place for you. This beautiful beach will provide you with stunning photos of cliffs, and you can even try out surfing after the ceremony!

3. Hunter Valley

Not too far away from Sidney, this romantic spot has a long list of things to be done on an elopement wedding – you could go horse riding, enjoy fine dining and local food and wine or visit art galleries. Accommodation venues for newly-weds are all around, so you will definitely find something for you.

4. Byron Bay Beaches, NSW

Why not have an elopement wedding near Sydney, close to the big city lights, but enjoying the white sand and romantic privacy? Beach weddings are actually cheap, without losing any of the elegance and romance. There are a historic lighthouse and a perfect spot for whale-watching.

You only need to choose the beach – it can be the Main Beach or Tallows Beach, both providing plenty of parking space and privacy. Of course, there are alternative venues there in case of a bad weather.

5. The Whitsunday Islands

These 74 tropical islands are the home of incredible beaches, amazing dining and excellent hotels. Another perk is that it’s close to the Great Barrier Reef, while the Heart Reef should be a must-see for newly-weds.

Final comment

Elopement weddings are perfect for couples who don’t enjoy a lot of fuss and planning, but still want to have a romantic, memorable day in nature or by the ocean. It’s simple, cheap and intimate – what more do you need?

Lena Hemsworth
Lena Hemsworth
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