5 most popular Australian cryptocurrency startups

The Australian cryptocurrency startup scene has seen a huge growth in recent times. A lot more focus has shifted from the traditional areas into new and innovative areas like digital currency. In recent years, we have seen a lot of involvement by both the government and the private sector.

There are now numerous cryptocurrency startups that are popping up and becoming huge not just in Australia but around the world. The vibrancy will definitely continue especially since the government is now more involved in creating some standards for the industry. There are many cryptocurrency startups in Australia today, the following 5 are, nevertheless, some of the most popular that you should know about.

1. CanYa

CanYa is one of the many blockchain marketplaces that are popping up in Australia. This marketplace is unique and the perfect representation of the changing nature of the digital currencies in Australia. CanYa allows users to shop and pay for digital goods and services. The marketplace is a great place for all kinds of clients and service providers to meet and exchange services.

CanYa has been on the market for a while now and it has continued to grow both in popularity and features. Today, you can find many actors in the gig economy being listed. It is possible to search, pay and get services from a professional through this platform.

2. Bata

Moving on to actual cryptocurrencies, there is no other cryptocurrency that is gaining popularity like Bata in Australia. This cryptocurrency came to the market only a few years ago but it has created quite a stir. The crypto brings several unique features that make it both modern and quick for transactions.

Bata also has huge ambitions for the future. The crypto was established on the premise that it would eventually replace the dollar in future. It is not possible to know the likelihood of this happening but as far as adoption and use, the crypto is currently doing very well. Bitcoin News has previously reported on features that make a successful crypto and Bata seems to be right on the money. Like other cryptos, Bata fully taps into the advantages of decentralized currencies.

3. ACX

Any list of cryptocurrency startups is not complete without the inclusion of a Bitcoin exchange. There is no other bitcoin exchange that is as formidable as ACX in Australia. This exchange was launched in 2013 to allow Australians to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since its establishment, it has continued to grow and today, it has stood tall as a redoubtable exchange. ACX offers clients numerous features.

To start with, it boasts of very low transaction fees, and it also has a modern interface that makes it much more accessible to the wider user base. ACX is also famous for using modern tools to simplify the processes of the digital transaction. Users are also given access to a large selection of applications that improve its usability.

4. CoinSpot

CoinSpot is both a Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. This platform was launched around 4 years ago. The platform was launched to offer alternatives to Australians who were relying on various foreign alternatives. Like any other crypto platform, CoinSpot allows users to buy bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptos using the local currency. One of the key features that CoinSpot boasts of is improved security.

The platform reportedly offers bank-level security to users. Other than that, there are other attractive features that the platform offers. The wallet, for instance, allows users to have multi-coin access while keeping the fees at the minimal level.

Some of the other features CoinSpot offers to users include:

  • Zero monthly costs for storing currency
  • Low transaction fees
  • Enhanced security with modern security tools

5. Digi.cash

Finally, one of the digital currencies with the greatest potential in Australia is digi.cash. This platform allows users to send payments from one phone to the other as long as thee users have an account. As opposed to most other electronic payment modes, the platform is quite simple and straightforward.

It does not try to add multiple features which would otherwise clutter and obscure the main purpose of the platform. digi.cash also has some great security and record-keeping features. With just a simple internet connection, you can fully utilize this platform.

There are many other exciting cryptocurrency startups in Australia right now. Since the market is now in full momentum, many more startups are expected to continue popping up. The above startups through represent the best in the various crypto sectors. They are very popular, and they have great prospects in the market.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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