4 Ways to bring branding into your presentations

In the contemporary hyper-competitive business landscape, corporate branding is an integral communication strategy to make a company recognisable and keep it one step ahead of the competition. From coffee mugs and caps that bear the company logo to company brochures, these branding techniques help encapsulate a company’s identity.

For many, branding is the same as marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. While marketing is a push tactic where a message is actively pushed out to get the results, branding is more of a pull strategy that expresses the true value of a product, service or company.

Branding goes beyond the logo and tagline. It highlights the personality of an organisation in such a way that it gets etched in the minds of people much after the marketing is over. Branding ensures the loyalty of customers and creates experiences that stick with them for a long time.

Besides winning the consumers, branding adds to the company’s reputation that attracts stakeholders, investors and employees. The million dollar question remains – How organisations can achieve impeccable branding that truly inspires.

In-store experience, print ads, outdoor campaigns, packaging designs, visual identity through a logo, colours and website – all these tools are employed by companies to shape their brands. A corporate or sales presentation is another strategic way to make sure that new brands as well as existing ones get the much-needed attention.

Tips to perfect your brand presentation

So, how can you bring branding to your presentation? A savvy marketer will realise that presentations offer an amazing opportunity to bring brands to life. Whether it is a company presentation or sales pitch, it would be a smart move to make brand identity a part of all internal and external communications.

These communications happen every day as hundreds of employees, marketers, sales professionals and leaders go out in a market and represent the brand on a one-on-one basis. If this medium is explored as the first round of strategic communication, organisations and corporations can ensure that they will have a deeper penetration and longevity amongst all the brand stakeholders like government, media, employees, customers, community, distributors, dealers, vendors, investors, management and others.

Now that we know that presentations represent the organisation for the audience, let us examine some points to incorporate branding into presentations.

1. Strategise Content for Branding

Company website, brochures, logo, tagline, newly brand positioning, vision as well as design identity must be incorporated in training, seminar decks, media kits, product decks, competency decks, corporate presentation and template. As often-mentioned, the content should ALWAYS be customer-focused, keeping their needs in mind.

The new communication strategy for the brand must be used in crafting all the presentations so that the audience starts to experience the new brand in their own ways and establish an interaction with the brand. Make sure that every word should amplify a sense of shared purpose among potential customers and respective stakeholders. This will bring you a step closer to branding.

2. Visual Appeal for Branding

What do you associate the following with:

Coco-Cola – The colours red and white?

Dell – The colour blue?

McDonald’s – The colour yellow?

Dairy Milk – The colour purple?

Well, these brand names have successfully owned the colour/colours of their logo and the consumers relate to them through the hues. Colours are vital elements of brand identity. Therefore, the colours used for advertising, signage and packaging have a powerful impact on the strategic branding process. One needs to carefully choose the brand’s primary, secondary & tertiary colour palette for an impressive brand communication through presentations.

Along with a meticulous choice of colours, a refreshed brand font and captivating iconography will weave a visual story and instantly give the audience a glimpse into the brand.

Another vital aspect of an eye-catching presentation is the use of imagery for branding. As we are visual beings, we always appreciate the aesthetic appeal. Brand imagery paints a rich picture of the brand in the eye of the potential customer. It effectively reach the consumers, significantly impacting their purchasing decisions.

3. Create an Experience for Branding

People don’t remember presentations, they take with them the experiences. So, ensure your company presentation is believable, exudes a company’s values and radiates an organisations character. The style and narrative of presentation help in creating a tangible experience.

By integrating stories of the company’s journey as well as its employees and will make the presentation interesting and relatable. Once the audience gets involved with the anecdotes, it will be easier for them to remember the organisation.

4. An Honest Approach for Branding

People are attracted to honesty. So, keep the presentation sincere and straightforward. If the presenter sounds passionate, warm and simple, then the audience will relate these characteristics with the organisation. This open approach will win the trust of the prospects and make the brand name more reliable.

Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singhhttps://www.striversedge.com/
Mandeep is the ideator of Strivers Edge. He manages product roadmap and business strategy along with digital marketing. Before Strivers Edge, he has led products teams in developing state of the art web and handling various marketing projects of different companies.
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