10 vital electrical warning signs every homeowner must know

It’s very important to know electrical warning signs for managing electrical safety. It is vital to pursue the same disciplined approach that is used for other occupational health and safety issues. Even you can understand how to safely work with or within the area surrounding electricity, as electrical energy in residences have an adequate power that if exposed to, can be grave. All electrical systems possess the ability to cause harm if they aren’t used with adequate care. The four main types of injuries that happen due to electrical current are electric shocks, falls, burns and electrocution.

Defective wiring is a common reason for electrical problems and if ignored for too long, it can cause damage to your home or can turn out to be a safety hazard. If you believe a wiring issue may be the underlying issue, then it’s imperative to call reliable electrical services at the earliest. Nevertheless, it is imperative to know the electrical warning indicators that tell you something is wrong with your home’s wiring.

Here are the ten vital electrical warning signs to consider

1. Vibrating or warm power outlets

A vibrating or warm power outlet is a probable indicator of a wiring problem. You can test it just by placing your hand over the power outlet, but don’t touch any wiring. Upon touch, it should feel cool and there shouldn’t be any vibration.

2. Blackened power outlets

Char or burn marks on power outlets can be a sign that the wiring beneath is releasing heat, which is nearly always an indicator of damage. This is a severe sign that tells your home could be at greater risk of an electrical fire, so have it inspected at the earliest.

3. Sensing burning smell

If you can feel a burning smell then that’s a clear sign that your home’s electrical wiring has already been ruined by heat. Watch out for peculiar smells near your electrical panel or electrical outlets. Call a certified electrical contractor at the earliest in case you find out any smoky or burning smells.

4. Circuit breaker often trips

When the circuit is overloaded, your circuit breaker will automatically switch off. Normally, it isn’t a problem when it trips once in a while, but if it becomes a repeated incidence then it could indicate there is a problem and you must immediately call a professional electrician.

5. Sparkling or buzzing lights

When your home’s lights are dimming, buzzing or sparkling then it could be an indicator of an electrical problem. If the lights sparkle or dim when you’re using other appliances then it is a clear sign of an electrical problem. Suppose, a lamp is dimming or sparkling then try plugging it into another outlet at another end of your home and see if that assists.

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6. Use of extension cords

The reason behind concealed electric wires is that undisturbed wiring system will almost serve a lifetime. Moreover, concealed wiring gives a neat look, but when they are interrupted or modified, there’s a possibility for trouble.

Adding up an extension cord makes additional points where cords can bend, short out or get depressed, which leads to tripped breakers, broken outlets or even a fire. It’s vital to use extension cords scarcely that too for short periods – for instance during the Christmas holidays for extra lighting. However, if you continually require more outlets, call an expert electrician and install them.

7. Peculiar odours

Well, a new appliance may generate a peculiar odour for the first few times it’s charged up. However, if you sense a strange smell coming from an outlet, switch it off and disconnect anything connected to it. Refrain from using it until you get a professional electrician and have it checked.

Nonetheless, call an electrician right away if your fuse box or breaker panel has an unusual smell.

8. Sparking

Sparking isn’t a good indicator; however, to handle it, you’ll need to know the source first.

  • You’ll need to get an electrician immediately if a fuse box, outlet or breaker panel is sparking.
  • If an appliance is sparking, then it may mean that the fixture itself is faulty and you’ll need to call an appliance repair technician. The technician will not only test the appliance but also the outlet that powers it. Moreover, if the appliance is brand new, it may also be repaired within the warranty.

9. Hot switch plates or outlets

The electric appliance will generate heat; for example, a space heater, but the outlet that powers it must never become hot.

  • Electric power may make a switch plate somewhat warm to the touch; however, if the outlet becomes too hot then switch off whatever is connected and try it using another outlet.
  • Suppose, the outlet gets hot even without anything connected, then it may be wired inappropriately.

Immediately, call in a licensed electrician to service your electrical system and fix the issues at the earliest.

10. Incorrect outlets in the bathroom or kitchen

  • Well, water is a good conductor of electricity, thus, bathrooms and kitchens need special shock-resistant outlets known as GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters), which have two small buttons at the centre.
  • If your bathroom and kitchen outlets look identical to your bedroom or family room, then change them with GFCIs to create an additional layer of shock safeguard around water.

Immediately call an emergency electrician in case you discover any of the above-mentioned electrical warning sign. To shield your home and family, you must always consider electrical faults seriously.

Final words

In today’s high-tech and modern lifestyle, we all take electricity for granted until one fine day when something goes wrong somewhere. True, your home’s electricity should operate continuously without any hindrances; after all, it is amongst the necessities of the modern-day, but if you experience an issue, don’t overlook it, hoping it will just disappear, rather call an experienced electrician right away!

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